10 Best Broadway Show Tunes to Workout To

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Discover the 10 Best Broadway Show Tunes to Workout To


"A Chorus Line"

Do you love Broadway music? Do you love to dance around your living room pretending you’re onstage? Are you looking for a way to workout that is actually fun?

As a performer and choreographer, music and dance have always been a huge part of my life. I wanted to find a way to share that joy with everyone who wanted a little musical theater in their lives so I created 567BROADWAY! The program features Broadway-style choreography set to show tunes, and you'll get a 30-minute full-body work out you can pair with free YouTube combos.

For me, everything always starts with music. That's why I became a dancer and fell in love with musicals. Broadway music is so character-driven, and you can become a new character with every song.

If you are looking to keep your workout fresh and fun, what better way than to lean into whatever emotion you are feeling day? When in doubt, dance it out!

“You Can’t Stop the Beat” from “Hairspray”
There is nothing like ponying for your life to get your heart rate up. If you pretend you are one of the "Nicest Kids In Town" and really sell it to the imaginary camera, you will get a cardio workout like no other. Also, this song is an anthem for life and a great reminder to be who you are.

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“Bend and Snap” from “Legally Blonde”
This is the ultimate Broadway squat track. Just listen to the lyrics: "Look at my ass. Look at my thighs. I'm catnip to the guys. They chase my tail. They drool and pant. Wanna touch this but they can't!" In fact, this amazing song inspired me to create the "lunge and snap," to target and tone that booty.

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“Cell Block Tango” from “Chicago”
Sometimes I just need to imagine I am wearing stilettos, fishnets, and living my best Velma Kelly life. This combo is a good choice when you feel like you just need to let out some dance anger. Make sure you clear some space in your home to dance around because this combo has lots of high kicks.

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“Openin’ Up” from “Waitress” (NYC)
This song fills me with joy every time I hear it. I choreographed a combo together with my husband, and whenever I teach it I bring in a prop pie. If you are looking for a way to physicalize your happiness, this is the combo for you. P.S. I love workout costumes and an apron is always a good choice for this combo.

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"Mein Herr" from "Cabaret"
This musical has some of Bob Fosse's most iconic musical numbers. If you ever have a hankering to luxuriate in your sensuality, this song must be added to your workout. Be prepared to sweat it out!

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"Here I Go Again" from “Rock of Ages” (NYC)
There are days when I just wish that I had long hair to whip around and head bang like a rock star. I like to put on "Here I Go Again" and thrash around in true ‘80s hair band style. To get that true hair-whipping feeling, I invited my friend and “Rock of Ages” cast member, Tiffany Engen, dance it out with me for this combo.

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"Jellicle Cats" from “Cats” (Chicago)
Now I know there are some theater lovers who are not "Cats" lovers; however, this combo is a ton of fun and absolutely brings some theatrical cardio! A couple months ago I did this combo with Rebel Wilson and that night she coined the phrase "CATzercise!"

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"Born to Hand Jive" from “Grease”
The musical “Grease” holds a special place in my heart, because I toured with Kathleen's Marshall's revival. If you are feeling nostalgic and want to step back in time, I suggest throwing your T-Bird or Pink Lady jacket on, and doing my cardio-driven version of the hand jive.

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"Where Do You Belong?" from “Mean Girls”
Okay, so I recommend grabbing a friend or family member to join you for this “Mean Girls” dance party! We all belong together and this combo will for sure bring out the giggles.

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“One” from "A Chorus Line"
I've said it once, and I'll say it again: There's magic in a gold top hat. And what could be more appropriate for donning a gold top hat, than working out to "One" from “A Chorus Line”? If you are in the mood for some glitz and glam, and you want to work your mind along with your muscles, then this is the number for you. This number has brain-teaser hat-ography and a cardio kick-line that will make you feel like a Broadway star.

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