10 Broadway Face Masks to Wear to Slow the Spread of Covid-19

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Discover the 10 Broadway Face Masks to Wear to Slow the Spread of Covid-19

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Seriously, you need to be wearing a mask right now. It's a global pandemic and we really, really want to go back and see Broadway shows and that doesn't happen if we aren't stopping the spread. And if you're missing Broadway and theater as much as we are, why not display your show pride on this *literal* life-saving garment?

Check out these cute masks to up your social distancing game.

Dear Evan Hansen

Etsy: Littleshopofgeeks

There's no better social distancing activity than simply "waving through a window," but if you are out-and-about consider showing you love of Dear Evan Hansen with this face covering. (You can even sing "Does anybody wear a mask?" to the tune of "Does Anybody Have a Map?" You're welcome.)


Etsy: LittleShopofBroadway

Vaccine. Vaccine. Vaccine. If we say it three times will it appear? Maybe medical science doesn't have the same powers as the ghost with the most, but while we wait for life-saving preventative measures, we should be wearing this mask.


Etsy: LittleShopofBroadway

If you must go "out tonight" be sure to accessorize (read: prevent the spread of a deadly virus) with a Rent mask. While many people might be singing "how we gonna pay?" in this challenging economic time, the only way to make sure the economy comes back is to wear a mask right now and stop the spread.


Etsy: KnoCoMavPop

You don't have to "talk less, smile more" while wearing a mask! In fact, you'll be able to do all communicating functions totally normally, and you'll be saving lives! Don't throw away your shot to help save lives, and show your Hamilfan status with this Hamilton mask.


Red Bubble: FloddtheWindigo

While you could walk around exposing your face and germs, show the world you're "not that girl" with this Wicked mask! Don't let anybody bring you down in these uncertain times, and do your good deed by wearing a mask.


Etsy: StagedoorMerchandise

Wondering "why we build a wall" between our faces and other people's faces? To prevent the spread of coronavirus so we can go back to the theater! Because we want everyone's trips way down to Hadestown to be on Broadway and not in life.


Redbuble: Nish3300

King Henry VIII would have had a lot of trouble divorcing and killing his Six wives if he had to maintain social distancing rules. Remind people how far away they should be in your royal presence. It's CDC guidelines, after all. Sorry not sorry.

The Phantom of the Opera

Redbubble: orinandaudrey

Who knew the Phantom of the Opera was a trendsetter? Take a page out of the original mask wearer's book and be sure to cover up. Have a social distanced picnic with friends and call it a masquerade!

Mean Girls

Redbubble: MightyFineGOods

Wear this mask on Wednesdays, but also Thursday through Tuesday. Seriously, wear a mask or you can't sit with us. Sweatpants might be all that fit us right now, but luckily this Mean Girls mask is one size fits all.

Les Misérables

Redbubble: Caroline330

Quarantine having you feeling like Prisoner #24601? Us too, but the more we wear these masks, the sooner it's over! There's definitely a little bit longer than one day more to go, but you can make it on your own with this great mask.