16 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Theater Lovers

Show-Score | By Lauren Pokedoff | Dec 5, 2016

Shopping for a musical-obsessed friend? A family member who's a total Hamilfan? Or maybe you just want to treat yourself! No matter the reason, these theater-themed gifts have got you covered.

1. Broadway Pins

Broadway Pins are the easiest way to have Bernadette Peters, Patti LuPone, Stephen Sondheim, and other musical theater legends on your shoulder at all times.

2. "Simply Christmas" by Leslie Odom Jr.

Leslie says he'd just found out his wife was pregnant before recording this album, which raises the d'aww factor to 1,000.

When a Broadway baby says goodnight...it's probably cause she can't wait to curl up with this. 

Filled with cast photos and lyric annotations, the Hamiltome is the perfect companion for any lover of Lin's hit musical.

Making it on Broadway is no easy feat, but this game lets you and your friends take the journey... from the comfort of your couch. And best of all, it's Show-Score approved.

If you’re a fan of musical theater history, this 360-page book will take you from the origins of Grecian theater all the way through to the contemporary musicals we know and love today.


Summon all the courage you require before taking your shot.

Bring the Theater District into your living room: minus the crowds, smells, and giant Elmos.

Pay your respects to the patron saints of theater with a trendy celebrity prayer candle.

Do you need anything else in life aside from musicals and naps? Yes: this sweatshirt.

Let your BFF know she's the Glinda to your Elphaba.

13. Broadway Theater Phone Case

This gorgeous phone case has an awesome design, and even doubles as a map in case you need to get around in the Theater District.

A dressing room must-have for every rising Broadway star and stage diva.

Treat your friends, treat your family, and treat yo self to the cookies beloved by the theater community. You can even send them to your favorite show ensemble as a holiday gift!

This collection of Broadway typography prints are perfect anyone looking to spruce up their home with some atypical artwork for their favorite shows.

  • What holiday gifts will you be buying for the theater fans in your life? Share in the comments!