5 Places to Get a Quiet Post-Show Drink in the Very Loud Theater District

Show-Score | By Ryan McCarthy | Sep 9, 2016

When it comes to finding a post-show drink, the Theater District has an abundance of options, but finding a bar where you can find a seat (and an acceptable decibel level for discussion) can prove a challenge. So here are our picks of five great establishments for a fun, but civilized, post-show drink!

(photo via http://www.marseillenyc.com/)

630 9th Ave

Perched on 9th ave at the Western edge of the theater district, this 13-year old restaurant offers a charming bar to sidle up to for some post-show chat. Although you might assume the establishment—which is named after the French coastal city—is a classic French brasserie, Marseille actually offers a menu featuring French, Mediterranean and Moroccan influences. A great place to quench your thirst with a cold cocktail, and sate your hunger with a steaming bowl of bouillabaisse.

(photo via Yelp, taken by Wine Escape owner) 

Wine Escape           
405 W 44th St.
WineEscape truly delivers on its name, offering BOTH delicious fermented grape beverages and a quiet escape from our theater district, which glorious as it may be, sometimes feels likes a mobbed, deafening hellscape! This cozy, delightfully low-key wine bar offers cheeses and other light fare in addition to its impressive (but not overwhelming) wine list. The ideal place to praise a superior performance over a glass of Chateau Saint-Michel Bordeaux Superieur.

(photo via hilton.com) 

Hilton Hotel Pinnacle Bar
234 W 42nd St.
Situated on the lobby level of the Hilton Hotel on 42nd St., The Pinnacle Bar offers a spacious, airy and well-lit environs, with a view through massive windows of the bedlam that is Times Square below. What the bar may lack in character (this is a hotel bar in the truest sense of the word), it makes up for in convenience and quiet. A great option for an easy drink and a chat when you want to be able to hear and be heard.

(photo via iroquoisny.com) 

Lantern’s Keep
49 W 44th St.
Housed in the Iroquois, one of Manhattan’s oldest boutique luxury hotels, Lantern’s Keep offers a chic respite from midtown’s hustle and bustle. Lantern’s Keep boasts an elegant marble-topped bar, a carefully curated list of craft cocktails, and a highly trained troupe of mixologists who are all happy to craft a bespoke drink to fit your whims. A wonderful choice when you're looking to end your evening with a touch of class.

(photo via barcentralenyc.com) 

Bar Centrale
324 W. 46th St., 2nd fl.

Hidden away in a Brownstone on 46th St., this swanky speakeasy has long been a favorite for in-the-know theatergoers and Broadway performers alike. Part of Bar Centrale's  charm is that it is a seating-only establishment, and seating is very limited. Fortunately, they do take reservations, though you’d be advised to make them well in advance. The perfect place to sip a cocktail and grouse about an actor’s performance—just glance over your shoulder first, because it’s entirely possible that he’s sitting behind you.

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