5 Ways You Can Support Theater This Giving Tuesday

Show-Score | By Kate Leggett | Nov 28, 2017

If you’re looking to spread a little love to the arts community, here are 5 ideas for how you can support the theater this Giving Tuesday.


For many nonprofit theaters, ticket sales are just part of the equation. The other (sometimes greater) part is generous donations from theater lovers like yourself. Donating to your local nonprofit theater (or any arts organization for that matter) is a great way to give back and support your local community.  

Most organizations will have a page on their website where you can donate online. Want a little bit more information about where your money is going? Charity Navigator is a good resource to learn how large nonprofits utilize your donation.


Donations are wonderful (like, really wonderful), but if you want a more hands-on way to give back this year, try volunteering! Volunteers are at the very heart and soul of nonprofit theater. (Those smiling folks handing out programs just before curtain, or that helpful person directing you to your seat…they're probably  volunteers!)

Just a few hours of your time can make a huge difference for a theater. We recommend checking out VolunteerMatch.org to track down opportunities in your area.


If you’re politically minded, get more informed. The bipartisan organization Americans for the Arts keeps track of political news for you and grades Congress members on their voting records when it comes to the arts. Arts education makes a tremendous difference in the lives of children. It’s definitely worth fighting for.


Another way to advocate for the theater is by keeping it in the conversation and sharing your experiences.

See a show lately and love it? Spread the word! This can be a review on Show-Score, a post on your Facebook or Instagram, or simply a text to that one friend who’s always looking for recommendations.


And last, but certainly not least… see shows. One of the most meaningful ways you can give back to the theater community is by simply showing up. Theater is created to be shared, so we hope you consider venturing out this Giving Tuesday to see a show.

Have another idea for how theater lovers can support the arts community this Giving Tuesday? Tell us in the comments!