6 of the Most Honest Responses Members Had to The Book of Mormon!

Jan 10, 2022

Review roundup! Over a decade after it opened, The Book of Mormon continues to thrill Show-Score audiences, near and far.

“Raunchy” and “irreverent” may not be the first adjectives that come to mind when describing a blockbuster Broadway musical, but The Book of Mormon defies the norm. The smash hit musical first opened in March of 2011 and then, more recently, returned from the Covid-19-induced pause in November 2021. 

Over a decade later, the award-winning story about the misadventures of a mismatched pair of Mormon missionaries continues to thrill audiences. The Book of Mormon is:

  • In the top 10 highest scoring shows on Broadway

  • Certified Audience Acclaimed by Show-Score members, with 10,000+ reviews, and an excellent score of 90! 

The show tours all over the globe, but time and time again, audiences come back to New York City to see (and score) The Book of Mormon on the Great White Way. Check out what some members had to say:

​​Brett Mann

See it if you can be open-minded and have a sliver of a funny bone in your body. South Park Live doesn't begin to describe this delicious mess.

Don't see it if even ONE single solitary joke about ANY church or religion or denomination is offensive to you. I could NOT stop laughing. Don't miss it! Joseph 9116

See it if A total irreverent look at religion; with an edgy, downright delicious sense of humor thrown in for good measure. 

Don't see it If you're easily offended by religious humor...stay away! NoCouches

See it if You want to subject yourself to the torture of nearly constant laughter. Don't see it if You want a safe "nice" night at the theatre. Bway Baby

See it if Your straight brother is in town or you have friends who don't typically go for musicals but like comedies with foul language.

Don't see it if You believe the hype, because it doesn't live up to it.


See it if you want entertainment. Mix of great and really bottom level humor with good musical numbers. Lots of cute guys in the cast :)

Don't see it if you want to bring children along - adult content, sometimes stupid and over the top. Not today satan

See it if One of the best times on Broadway EVER. This silly musical of two Mormons heading to Africa has heart and soul with a killer soundtrack.

Don't see it if Dirty jokes an songs are stinking up the theater and a great time is being had by all.