7 Reasons We Love Annie The Musical

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The story of Annie the musical goes back further than many people may realise. Maybe you only know the most recent version of Annie starring Jaime Foxx, or the 80s version with Bernadette Peters and Tim Curry, but the story of everyone's favourite orphan started all the way back in 1924 as a newspaper comic strip. Her story has been around for over 90 years and her adventures have captured the hearts of millions all over the world. Now it's back and bigger than ever in London's West End and stars the hilarious Miranda Hart in the role of mean Miss Hannigan. Through different incarnations, our love of Annie, the adorable redheaded orphan, has only grown over the years and here are 7 reasons why.

1. We all feel for the orphans

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You can't deny, the thought of all of those girls locked up in that horrible orphanage, singing for their parents each night tugs pretty hard on the heartstrings. If you don't get a little choked up at that part of the story, you may be a monster.

2. It's the ultimate rescue fantasy

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A giant house with a swimming pool, hundreds of staff waiting on you hand and foot and a millionaire fairy godfather to whisk you away from a terrible orphanage - after seeing Annie, who hasn't dreamed of someone like Daddy Warbucks stepping in and dropping you in the lap of luxury?!

3. Everyone loves a plucky underdog

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Seeing somebody rise above their difficult circumstances always makes us feel that anything is possible. Whether it's Elphaba trying to prove herself to everyone, Aladdin becoming more than a street-rat or Annie fighting back against Miss Hannigan, we love a success story.

4. Miss Hannigan is a dream role

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Many, many roles out there for women revolve around being someone's mother or daughter. Miss Hannigan is a refreshing character because, while she is surrounded by children all the time, she's anything but motherly. She's a drunk, a cheat and a liar and an incredibly fun role for any actor, and we're super excited to see Miranda Hart in the role in the West End!

5. You won't stop singing the songs

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The songs of Annie really have it all; they're funny, memorable and really quite touching. You're guaranteed to be singing "Tomorrow" all the way home but "Little Girls" is hilarious and "Hard Knock Life" is simply iconic. You might need to prepare your friends and co-workers for the singing and humming that will follow for at least a week.

6. Annie is a total hero

Photo Credit: Annie (1982)

She may be just 10 years old but Annie is our hero. Not only does she take care of the other orphans but she stands up to bullies on the street and she's not afraid of Miss Hannigan. We only wish we were as brave as Annie now, let alone when we were 10!

7. It reminds us that sometimes we make our own families

Photo Credit: Annie (2014)

Annie and all of the other orphans spend their nights dreaming of their parents coming back to claim them, but in the meantime, they come together to make their own family. Sizes, shapes, ages and races don't matter when it comes down to finding the people who love you. Annie is a great reminder that the sometimes the family you have is the one you make for yourself.

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