A fun way to experience the cutting edge of storytelling

By Tom Melcher | Sep 6, 2017

Here's where to see the next big innovations not just in theater, but in storytelling as a whole. 

By FoST Fest

If you’re intrigued by the storytelling potential of virtual reality, or love immersive theater, then you need to attend the FoST Festival that runs Friday October 6 through Sunday October 8, 2017 on Staten Island.  We’ve organized a great deal for Show-Score members -- 25% off the normal $40 ticket.  That’s just $30 for an entire day and evening of entertainment, with free transportation!

I went to the Festival last year and had a great time.  Here’s what the critics’ said:

  • “We’ve Seen the Future of Storytelling, and It's F@#%ing Awesome” – VICE

  • "#1 emerging conference every advertising professional should attend in 2017" - AdWeek

  • "“It’s hard to imagine how they’ll top it next year, but I certainly wouldn’t want to miss finding out.” - Forbes

  • “A phantasmagoria of virtual reality, augmented reality, olfactory experiments, immersive theater and numerous mind-bending tricks.” - The New York Times

This year there are more than 40 world or US premieres, including some great theater:

  • “Broken Bone Bathtub” by Siobhan O'Loughlin, a powerful one-woman immersive theater performance that takes place in a bathtub;

  • “Edible Reflections” by Marije Vogelzang, a multisensory audio and food experience bringing friends and strangers together;

  • “Mp3 Experiment” by Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere, a participatory audio adventure where attendees download an audio file and listen to synchronized secret instructions in a public space via headphones;

  • Three Live Action Role Play (LARP) experiences by Lizzie Stark;

  • “Alice, The Virtual Reality Play”, a complete VR experience that immerses viewers into a virtual scene and allows them to interact physically in real time with actors and objects,

  • “The Pigeoning” by Robin Frohardt, a darkly comedic yet heartfelt story that spins articulate puppetry, original music, and lo-fi special effects into an epic tale about the illusion of safety and control in the context of the end of the world;

You can get all of the details on the Festival website.  To get the special $30 offer for Show-Score members, click here.