Best Ways to Get Tickets to "Dear Evan Hansen"

By Show-Score Staff

"Dear Evan Hansen" is sold out but you need to see it. What now? Try these 6 tips to get tickets.

By Matthew Murphy

Last year’s Tony Award winner for Best Musical just won the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album. It’s still going strong as it enters its second year -- despite recent cast changes it’s playing to full houses every night of the week, indicating a long run ahead. Because of this demand, tickets are expensive.  Here are our seven tips for getting your tickets at the best possible price:

1. Enter the digital lottery.  You might win, but if you do, you need to go to the show on that same day.  So this is not usually a good option for most people. [Digital lottery details]

2. Wait a while.  Broadway ticket prices obey the laws of supply and demand, so “Dear Evan Hansen” tickets will inevitably decline over time. How long you’ll have to wait is anyone’s guess. Long-running shows, such as “The Lion King” and “Wicked”, have continued to wow audiences for years.

3. Call in a favor.  Depending on your situation, your lawyer, banker, accountant, or realtor may be looking for a way to thank you for your business.  Never hurts to ask!

4. Go to the online box office and look for tickets.  Despite regularly selling out, you can find a wide range of ticket prices directly from the box office if you’re willing to book a couple of months in advance. The box office also sometimes offers matinee seats with shorter notice. ["Dear Evan Hansen" box office]

5. Check StubHub. StubHub works like eBay (which owns StubHub) -- sellers list their tickets, and you can buy the tickets using the online platform.  The key is to make sure the tickets aren't fake, and that you get them on time.  StubHub has very strong customer service and consumer protections in place, which is partly why they are the market leader. 

6.  Call a ticket broker.  Many communities have local ticket brokers, and there are even more online.  The advantage of calling them is that they do the sleuthing for you, typically by searching the sites we’ve listed above.  In other words, it is VERY rare that a ticket broker will have access to seats that you can’t find listed on any of the major resale sites.  Of course, for the convenience of having someone do the online searching for you, you’ll pay a hefty service charge.

The bottom line is that it’s actually pretty easy to get “Dear Evan Hansen” tickets, provided you are ready to pony up for the privilege of seeing it very soon on the night of your choice!

Do you have other tips for finding “Dear Evan Hansen” tickets?  Did we get something wrong?  Please help your fellow theater fans by commenting below.  We’ll update the article and credit you!