Best Ways to Get Tickets to "Springsteen on Broadway"

By Show-Score Staff | Feb 21, 2018

Bruce Springsteen's show is sold-out for its entire run. Try these five tips to get tickets.

By Rob DeMartin

“Springsteen on Broadway” sold out its initial 16 week run quickly. Now that the show has been extended through June 30th, you can still try to get in.

‘The Boss’ generally plays to sold-out stadiums of tens of thousands of fans, but on Broadway there are less than 1,000 seats. The highly coveted tickets -- yes, it’s sold out for the entire extended run -- are expensive, but here are our five tips for getting your seats at the best possible price:

1. Enter the digital lottery. For this particular show you can enter a week in advance of your preferred date and you’ll have 24 hours notice if you win. That’s more warning than most lotteries but still demands that you have a flexible schedule. [Digital lottery details]

2. Call in a favor.  Depending on your situation, your lawyer, banker, accountant, or realtor may be looking for a way to thank you for your business.  Never hurts to ask!

3. Look for “Verified Resale Tickets” on  “Resale” means that someone else bought these tickets, and is now reselling them.  “Verified” means that Ticketmaster guarantees that the tickets are legitimate.  At the time of this writing Ticketmaster has no resale tickets for “Springsteen on Broadway” but you can sign up for alerts should they have future inventory

4. Check other “online reseller marketplaces”.  There are many other places online that handle “resale” tickets.  They all work like eBay -- sellers list their tickets, and you can buy the tickets using the platform.  The key, of course, is to make sure that the tickets are genuine.  Each marketplace has different rules, so it pays to read the fine print carefully.  

Here’s an example of what’s currently available at SeatGeek for the (randomly selected) date of March 15th, 2018:

You simply click around sections of the theater to see the different offers on that particular night. The key is to make sure that the tickets are genuine.  Each marketplace site has different rules, so it pays to read the fine print carefully.  For example, IF there is a problem SeatGeek will refund your money, but you might not find out you have a problem until you’re at the theater that evening.

5.  Call a ticket broker.  Many communities have local ticket brokers, and there are even more online.  The advantage of calling them is that they do the sleuthing for you, typically by searching the sites we’ve listed above.  In other words, it is VERY rare that a ticket broker will have access to seats that you can’t find listed on the major resale sites yourself.  Of course, for the convenience of having someone do the online searching for you, you’ll pay a hefty service charge.

The bottom line is that though it’s tough to get tickets to this sold-out event, if you can afford paying for the privilege of seeing The Boss up close, there are resale ticket offers. 

Do you have other tips for finding “Springsteen on Broadway” tickets?  Did we get something wrong?  Please help your fellow theater fans by commenting below.  We’ll update the article and credit you!