Show-Score | Dec 5, 2018

Here’s the deal on our latest deal: the Show-Score Patron Program.

Your free Show-Score membership already gives you all the shows, all the reviews, all the prices, all in one place. Also, unlike any other theater site, you start receiving free ticket offers to show after you score just six shows you’ve seen. The tickets are free, and there is no monthly or annual charge -- you simply pay $8 per ticket as a handling fee. We call this program “Member Nights.”

Now, we’re giving you more access, more flexibility, and more value through our Patron Program.

Starting as low as $4.99, it’s a great deal. It’s also different than any other NYC theater subscription on the market. Here’s what you need to know:

There are two levels, the Supporter and the Patron.

The Supporter-level is a great way to lock in savings on Member Night tickets and extra days to cancel, while enjoying a cheaper subscription. The Patron-level gets you even more perks. The Supporter-level is $4.99 a month and the Patron level $10.99.

You get more value by saving on Member Nights fees.

If you’re not a Supporter or Patron, your Member Night fees are $8 a ticket for Off- and Off-Off Broadway shows and $20 for Broadway shows. By upgrading your membership, you’ll get $3 off each ticket for Off- and Off-Off Broadway shows and $5 off for Broadway shows. (That’s automatic savings of nearly 40%!)

You get more flexibility.

Normally, you can never cancel theater tickets. But because Show-Score is a community site built by theater fans, for theater fans, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way. That’s why Supporters and Patrons each enjoy our generous cancellation policy. For Supporters, you must cancel your tickets within three days of showtime. For Patrons, it’s just two days.

And don’t worry - if you forget to cancel your tickets or something comes up outside the cancellation window (it happens), you get three “forgivenesses” or “strikes.” Supporters have three strikes and Patrons get a whopping six. After you’ve used up your strikes, your Member Nights privileges are revoked for six months, but then reset.

You get more access.

If you’re a member at the Patron-level, you’ll get first access to exclusive, insider events and awesome theater experiences. For example, one Show-Score Patron was sent to enjoy ice cream and cake with the cast of “School of Rock.” You can’t get that kind of perk anywhere else.

You get first access.

Sometimes, the hottest Member Night offers go fast. Like, really fast. Patrons get the latest offers texted straight to their phone, so they can be first in line to scoop up those in-demand tickets.

And you get other really cool stuff.

Because we think our members are so special, we wanted to create a subscription service that gives them equally special experiences. That’s why we added in can’t-get-anywhere-else perks to the Patron-level, like two complimentary Experiences and free bubbly at the legendary theater watering hole, Bond 45...whenever you want. (Yes, really. Whenever.)

Have more questions about our brand new Patron Program? Email help@show-score.com. Ready to upgrade your membership and start enjoying all the perks the program has to offer? Click here.