Flexing Your Acting Muscles: Caymichael Patten Studio

Show-Score | Aug 22, 2017

Acting isn’t all curtain calls and autographs—keeping your skills stage-ready takes time and hard work. Fortunately, NYC offers actors all kinds of training opportunities. Here’s our report on Caymichael Patten Studio.

Caymichael Patten Studio

939 8th Ave., Suite 206 (between 55th and 56th Streets)



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Tell us a bit about Caymichael Patten Studio.

Caymichael Patten Studio is a private, professional acting studio offering afternoon and evening Scene Study classes on Mondays and Tuesdays (as well as Drill and other specialty workshops—check the website for details). We provide training for actors ages 21 and up, both for early-career artists just entering the professional theater world and veterans looking to  hone their skills

What does the Scene Study class involve?

Scene Study meets four times per month. Students are assigned a scene and bring in their work at different stages of rehearsal to share with the class and the instructor for critique. They work on a particular scene until they’ve gotten as much out of it as they can. Often the student will work on all the scenes of a character in a play so they have a chance to fully develop the role.

The class gives actors a forum to refresh their basic skills—they might focus on their moment-to-moment work, learning to stay more in touch with themselves and connecting with their scene partner in a meaningful “for real for real” way. Our signature approach is the profound use of the self to create a singular interpretation of the material—we want actors to put their unique thumbprint on a role.

Acting studios often work toward a final performance or showcase for their students, with agents or managers coming in to see the work. But Caymichael Patten Studio is more focused on the development of a student’s process. We provide a supportive atmosphere for growth and exploration—and we want them to come away focused on the excitement of discovery as they mature in their craft.

Tell us a bit about your instructors. What’s their background?

Scene Study is taught by Caymichael Patten, but we have an array of talented teachers for our various classes. We look for instructors who are patient and truthful, putting the work first and trying to show our students how to bring out their unique talents. We also try to find artists who can teach and explore a variety of techniques so that they have several methods to draw from while coaching—it makes for a more tailored experience for the student.

What kind of actor would get the most out of Caymichael Patten Studio classes?

We take students from all theatrical backgrounds and experience, from musical theater, to regional work, to film and television. The ideal student is one who takes the work seriously, but not themselves.

What is your goal for each actor—what do you hope they get out of their experience at Caymichael Patten Studio?

We want actors to leave here so confident of their process that they are able to adapt it to any professional situation. We hope they will discover (or rediscover) the joy in acting and how it uses every part of being human: the physical, the emotional, the intellectual, the instinctive, and the collaborative.

We’re a small studio, but many talented, hard-working actors study here. If you’re not a hard worker, this isn’t the place for you.

What’s the class schedule for Scene Study?

Monday     1:30 - 4:30 pm (Intermediate)

6:30 -10:30 pm (Advanced)

Tuesday     1:00 – 4:00 pm (Intermediate)

6:30 - 10:30 pm (Intermediate)

What’s the cost of the Scene Study class?

$300 per one-month session.

What else should prospective students know about registering?

While there is not a formal audition process for the Scene Study class, an interview is required for all prospective students.

We typically have 6-10 people per class, and if a class is full we do have a wait list. Even if we can’t get you in one month, chances are there will be room the following month.

Does Caymichael Patten Studio have any famous alums?  

Quite a few! Some of our previous students include: Edie Falco (“Nurse Jackie”, “The Sopranos”), Cynthia Nixon (“Wit”, “Sex and the City”), Kathleen Chalfant (“The Affair”), Bridget Moynahan (“Blue Bloods”), Matthew Gray Gubler (“Criminal Minds”), Gabriel Mann (“Mad Men”), Arnie Burton (“The Government Inspector”). You can see a more complete list on our website

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