Four Games to Play While Watching the Tonys

Show-Score | By Janie Dickerson | Jun 5, 2017

Why let the Broadway stars have all the fun? Here are four playful ways to amp up your Tony viewing party.

Keep the Tonys fun by playing as you watch! Here are four games for your Tony viewing party.

1. Predict the Tonys

Each year we ask our members to Predict the Tonys and for the chance win 1,000,000 Audience Rewards ShowPoints! Members can also track their progress against those at your party using the "invite your friends" feature. The winner of the game could take home the biggest prize in theater. Look for us next year!

2. Broadway Bingo

We've created printable bingo boards for your party. Download and print them now!

3. Drink every time...

With these drinks and this game^^^ you and your friends will get Great White Way-sted.

4. Broadway Taboo (Perfect for commercial breaks)

Divide into two teams and take turns getting your team to guess as many taboo cards as possible within one minute. The catch is you must try to get your team to guess the top item without using the three items below to describe it. Each card is a point and the team with the most points wins!

We've made printable Tony-related Taboo cards for your party. Download and print them now!

What are your Tony party traditions? Let us know in the comments below!