Free Shows!

All the no-cost productions playing in NYC right now.

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there are definitely free shows! Every summer, New York City's parks, plazas, and even parking lots host alfresco mountings of classics by Shakespeare and his ilk, as well as puppet shows and other fare for families. To see these productions, all you have to spend is your time.

The Classical Theatre of Harlem presents this free, outdoor staging of the classical drama from Sophocles, reset in a dystopian future. 

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The struggle for power, glory, and the claim to the city of Thebes has shattered the bonds of brotherhood, leaving two men lifeless. The new king proclaims one brother a hero and the other a usurper, leaving his limp body lying in the street as an example to those who dare act against the state. But when the sister of the slain young brothers protests the edict, she breaks faith with everything she has ever known in order to set things right at any cost. 

Hudson Warehouse presents the second installment of Susane Lee's four-play adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' classic swashbuckling adventure in an outdoor staging.

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All performances are pay what you can, with a basket being passed at the end of each show.

The Drilling Company presents a new, free staging of Shakespeare's great tragedy for its 2018 Shakespeare in the Parking Lot production, featuring a female Hamlet.

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Director Karla Hendrick will stage the character as a modern young woman of intelligence and wisdom. This Hamlet, clad in skirts, is rendered powerless when her uncle, Claudius, inserts himself into the line of succession and thrusts her aside. Determined and noble, she is someone who would take control through heart and with strength, but her conscience is a paralyzing force; moreover, she finds herself continuously isolated and betrayed by those closest to her and this impacts her ability to function.

Hudson Warehouse presents an outdoor staging of Shakespeare's most famous tragedy. All performances are pay what you can, with a basket being passed at the end of each show.

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