FringeNYC: Celebrity and Pop Culture

These days it's almost impossible to draw a line between low and high brow. Celebrity and pop culture permeate so much of our lives, even intellectuals, aesthetes, and presidential candidates are cracking Pokémon Go and Kardashian jokes. These FringeNYC shows touch on our national obsession with all things pop, from wannabes to also-rans, Hollywood bigwigs to tabloid fodder. 

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Part of FringeNYC: The most glamorous show at this year's FringeNYC. Brandonna Summer, international socialite and dance-pop icon, is on the run from her druglord ex-fiancee. Her hilarious comeback show proves you can't outrun your past, but you sure can outclass it.

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Categories: Comedy, Musical/Opera, National. Written by Brandon Alter.

"This show has been marinating in my heart for a long time, and trust me babies, it's delicious!" - Brandonna Summer

"Seeing me perform live is truly a religious experience my loves. Especially if your religion is based on diamonds, couture and bathtubs full of champagne." - Brandonna Summer

An interview with Brandonna: