FringeNYC: LGBTQ Tales

They're here, they're queer, and we're loving it! Decades before gay marriage was legalized and Caitlyn Jenner became a household name, NYC's downtown theater scene was embracing and showcasing LGBTQ artists. While a lot has changed for the queer community over the years, one thing remains the same: the stage is still a fabulous place for LGBTQ stories. More than three dozen FringeNYC shows fall into this category, and they're as diverse as they are dazzling.

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Part of FringeNYC: Pssssst. Did you hear the tale of the Creature from the Lake…? In this gritty, sensual fable for adults, a small conservative village is enticed by offers from an outsider, and everything begins to change. Test the waters, if you dare...

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Categories: Solo Show, Performance Art, Local. From Sexy Dirt Productions. Written by Andrew Kramer. Directed by Matt Renskers.

Whales & Souls delves into mankinds' effect on the environment. The leader of a small, rural village is enticed by a large monetary offer that could change the town forever. Meanwhile, an unusual creature emerges from the lake with an ominous warning for the villagers. Whales & Souls is a gritty, sensual fable for adults that examines the way we relate to the environment, ourselves, and each other. It was developed by Kramer under the terraNOVa Collective Groundbreakers Playwright's Group in New York City and features actor Chris Roe playing all 7 characters, and is directed by Matt Renskers.

A FringeNYC Encore: Emerging Artists presents the hilarious journey of one man's dealings with the dirty secrets of NYC apartment dwellers.

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Written and performed by Paul Adams, this musical solo show is a wild ride that gives audiences a voyeuristic view of what lies behind their doors. Adams spent three years developing the script, which is based on his life as an apartment cleaner in New York City since 1991. In addition to being the "cleaning guy," Paul has also been the Artistic Director for Emerging Artists Theatre since its inception in 1993.

Part of FringeNYC: In search of peace of mind and artistic truth, a gay New York performance artist confronts the ghost of his grandfather, a rabbi killed by the Nazis. A poignant, irreverently funny drama about the Holocaust, AIDS, and existential angst.

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Categories: Drama, Multi-Media, Local. From Emerging Artists Theatre. Written by Dahn Hiuni, Music by Yuval Ron. Directed by Lewis Magruder.

MURMURS & INCANTATIONS is a new play by award-winning artist and playwright Dahn Hiuni. It tells the story of a gay, New York performance artist with creative block who fatefully travels to Poland in an attempt to revive his art career, only to be confronted by the feisty ghost of his grandfather, a rabbi killed in the Holocaust.

Harrowing, poignant and irreverently funny, MURMURS & INCANTATIONS explores the anguish and the responsibility of being an artist. It sharply examines the ways in which identity, cultural history and personal baggage affect, impede and shape the creative process. Theatrically, MURMURS & INCANTATIONS is groundbreaking in its meaningful incorporation of performance art into both the form and content of the play. MURMURS AND INCANTATIONS has a haunting original score by internationally renowned Israeli composer Yuval Ron (Academy Award-winning West Bank Story), set and costume design by Peter Hassler, and lighting and projection design by Mr. Hiuni. The full-length play stars Peter Levine, Isabella Knight, Joey Gambetta and Peter Schmitz and is directed by Lewis Magruder.

Part of FringeNYC: Ian, a Chicago reporter covering an impending transit strike, has a one-night stand who’s found murdered the next morning. So, Ian ventures out to find the killer just as the trains shut down and strand him in a hostile neighborhood.

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Categories: Drama, Comedy, Local. From Off Track Arts. Written by James Comtois. Directed by Tim Errickson.

A FringeNYC Encore: Austria, the 1930s. Messenger boy Rolfe, 17 (going on 18) is about to discover that forbidden sex and the Third Reich don't mix. This dark comedy proves that B-characters have a destiny, too.

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It's Salzburg, Austria in the last golden days of the 1930s. Rolfe is trying to rise in the ranks of the new order. Unfortunately, he's stuck delivering messages to a certain widowed naval captain with seven children, and flirting with the eldest daughter under the watchful eye of the children's new governess from nearby Nonnberg Abbey. Rolfe quickly discovers that the conflicts between his ambition and his sexuality pose life and death consequences.

Part of FringeNYC: Four girls sit in a writing center. They speak eloquently about both SoulCycle and second-wave feminism. The Thing That Never Happened is about the relationships we value, the friendships we don't always value, and waiting ninety minutes to text back.

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Categories: Comedy, FringeHIGH, National. Written by Justine Gelfman. Directed by Ellie Sachs.