FringeNYC: Meta and Absurd

Do you like everything spelled out for you and wrapped up in a neat little package? Then these FringeNYC shows are not for you. All of these productions defy traditional forms and styles in favor of offbeat, boundary-pushing experiencesthe kind of indescribable stuff that the fest has been famous for these past 20 years. Don't know what to expect? That's entirely the point.

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One woman. 25 characters. All inside a cupboard! In Dominique Salerno's solo show, the space is limited, but the comedic possibilities are endless. A hit at the 2016 NYC Fringe Festival.

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Each time the cupboard doors fly open, we discover an entirely new reality with a brand-new set of characters. These dynamic scenes include a drunken couple mid-fight in a Las Vegas hotel, the entire Greek Army within the Trojan Horse, a lonely Giantess, a lost Pope, and so many more. With sketch-style characters and musical numbers, 'The Box Show' is a fast-paced and adrenaline-filled roller-coaster ride that plunges its audience into vastly different worlds without ever leaving the physical space of the box. It's a shot glass of theater: potent, highly concentrated, and it gets the job done.