How Many Shows are Running in NYC Right Now? (HINT: It's Way More Than You Think!)

Show-Score | By Tom Melcher, Show-Score CEO | Jul 26, 2016

Most theater fans and professionals know what’s running on Broadway and in the major non-profit theaters. But what about the rest — how many shows are there? The answers might surprise you…

We started Show-Score because we wanted a central listing of ALL shows running and coming soon in NYC. Various media sites have listings, but they aren’t complete. So for the past 10 months we’ve been listing all theatrical productions with 7 performances or more in the 5 NYC boroughs.

The results have been surprising — there are a LOT more shows running than most people know (including the most plugged-in theater professionals). For example, as of this writing there are 143 shows running, including 28 on Broadway and 115 “Beyond Broadway” (we use this term since theater fans are confused about the difference between “Off-” and “Off-Off-Broadway”).

This is actually a relatively low number. During the spring and fall, we are typically listing between 150 - 190 unique shows every nightThere is far more theater happening in NYC than most people realize, and 80% of it is "Beyond Broadway".

This simple statistic raises some interesting questions:

  • What's the best way to raise awareness about the sheer scale and fabulous diversity "Beyond Broadway"? "Broadway" is a beloved global brand with great marketing behind it. What are the best ways for the "Beyond Broadway" community to do something similar?
  • How can we get theater fans who love Broadway to venture Beyond?

Here at Show-Score, we're trying to answer these questions in the following ways:

  • Our “Trending New Shows - Beyond Broadway” category is all about helping theater fans (and perhaps a few professionals) discover great shows they might not have heard about. It’s our most-popular category, simply because that’s where theater fans need the most help.

  • Our “Show-Score Member Nights” are introducing hundreds of theater fans to great Beyond Broadway shows every week.  So far we’ve worked with many great companies, including 59E59 Theatres, Classic Stage Company, HERE Arts Center, Lincoln Center Theater, MCC Theater, Primary Stages, Second Stage Theater, Signature Theater, SOHO Rep, The Flea Theater, Vineyard Theater, and York Theatre Company.

We're already hearing from our members that they're discovering and seeing more theater OFF the Great White Way because of Show-Score. But what else can we do to raise the profile of "Beyond Broadway"?

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