How Show-Score's Top Two Members on the Leaderboard Fell in Love with Theater...and Each Other!

Show-Score | By Maisa Chiang | Sep 23, 2016

Show-Score's two most prolific members see a lot of theater—together! Read on to learn more about this amazing couple and how theater fits into their lives and their relationship.

By Gil and Brendon

Meet Brendon NYC and Gil K, the two people at the top of Show-Score's Leaderboard: combined, they've submitted an impressive total of over 470 reviews! These prolific theatergoers have been around since the earliest months of Show-Score's existence, and they see pretty much everything... together.

Oh yeah, did we forget to mention? They've also been a committed couple for the past three years!

After meeting at a friend's party in California, they embarked on a coast-to-coast long-distance relationship for a year before relocating permanently to New York City. Nowadays, Brendon and Gil see an average of 3 shows a week—and score them all on Show-Score, of course! We reached out to learn all that we can about their theatergoing habits: do the top two leaderboard members share the same tastes, or is it true that opposites attract?

How would you describe your tastes?

How do you two decide what shows to see together?



Do you ever see shows separately?


What happens if one of you doesn't like the show as much as the other?

But it all comes down to this...

As Brendon and Gil illustrate, finding the right person to see shows with can really enhance the experience. Luckily for them, they tend to agree more than they disagree. But Gil and Brendon are also proof that stepping outside of the theater genres you love can result in some great discussion — and a lasting relationship!

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