Introducing RISE Theatre Directory!

Jun 16, 2023

An exciting new initiative has emerged, called RISE (Representation, Inclusion, & Support for Employment) Theatre Directory! It's all about shining a spotlight on the talented individuals working behind the scenes in theatre.

This national directory is an incredible public service tool that connects producers, general managers, theatres, and employers with theatre professionals, with a special focus on empowering women, people of color, and individuals from underrepresented communities. RISE Theatre Directory seeks to build a more equitable and inclusive theatre industry by centralizing DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility) tools and resources. It's a network of partners and a personnel directory that supports and amplifies the voices of women, people of color, and folks from marginalized communities and underrepresented backgrounds. 

RISE began when friends Georgia Stitt and Lin-Manuel Miranda crossed paths at a pumpkin patch and got talking about their respective projects. Georgia Stitt, the founder of Maestra Music, had already designed and built a directory focused on female and nonbinary theatre musicians. Meanwhile, Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Miranda Family Fund were envisioning a directory for below-the-line theatre professionals, with a strong emphasis on women, people of color, and those from underrepresented backgrounds. They realized that merging their ideas and utilizing the existing infrastructure of Maestra's Get To Work could be the perfect solution.

Thus, a partnership between Maestra Music and the Miranda Family Fund was formed in the summer of 2022, operating under the Get To Work initiative. As the team evolved and worked towards the anticipated launch of the new directory in June 2023, they rebranded as RISE Theatre. This new name captured the essence of the moment and reflected the nationwide evolution of the program.

So, RISE Theatre Directory not only connects theatre professionals and employers, but it also carries the spirit of collaboration, partnership, and a shared vision for inclusivity and representation in the theatre industry. Together, they are reshaping the landscape of theatre and creating a platform that empowers diverse voices and talents. 

Learn more about RISE Theatre Directory at their website here!