Real Life Moments Where We'd Like to Break Into Song

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By Londonist

The underlying premise of why musicals exist is that characters turn to song when their feelings go beyond just talking. Sometimes that happens in real life; when words aren't enough and you would love to be able to burst into song. Maybe with a dance number. And some glitter. Anyway, here some of the times that we'd like to sing out loud about what we're feeling - tell us if you relate on Twitter with #RealLifeMusicals.

Missing the bus


If you've ever seen the movie Sliding Doors (it's early Gwyneth Paltrow and a British classic), you know how much missing public transport can change the entire course of your life. What if you were on your way to an important meeting, travelling to meet the love of your life or racing against time to get to a hospital? That's definitely worth singing about. Suggested song style: Les Miserables, because like Jean Valjean, a small thing, like a loaf of bread or a missed bus, could change your life.

Saying "I Love You" For The First Time


This truly is one of those moments where your feelings are so intense that you're not even sure words will come out, you might just mumble something awkward instead. But if you could burst into song when words failed you, you'd sing how much you love that person from the rooftops. Not literally though, it's not Moulin Rouge. Although that would be really good. Suggested song style: Actually, we've thought about it and kind of has to be Moulin Rouge. Singing on top of an elephant is the coolest way you could say "I Love You".

Fighting With Your Family


No one can push your buttons quite like your family, and sometimes arguments can get heated over the silliest things. Instead of getting it all off of your chest and escalating a fight, wouldn't it be great to get a solo number where you can sing uninterrupted about the things that are bugging you? Suggested song style: In The Heights, because no one tells someone what's what like Camilla.

Surviving A Tough Day At The Office


Working in an office can definitely have its ups and downs. The teamwork is great and you can make lifelong friends, but there's also deadlines, workplace romances and office politics to overcome. Sometimes it can be enough to make you want to jump on your desk and lead a revolution. Or maybe you really just need a coffee break. Suggested song style: Legally Blonde's 'Blood In The Water' if you're the office manager and need to whip some people into shape. 9 to 5 if you're the employee getting whipped.

Going Through A Breakup


It can often be hard to communicate exactly how we're feeling amidst a painful breakup, so the best thing to do might be to take a moment and sing a song about it. Breakups are full of complicated feelings of love, anger, sadness, regret and sometimes relief. It could be a super sad breakup or the kind where you finally feel free from a bad relationship, but either way, it's definitely time for a solo. And a spotlight wouldn't hurt. Suggested show style: 'There's A Fine, Fine Line' from Avenue Q when you're sad, 'If You Hadn't, But You Did' from Two On The Aisle when you're sassy.

Getting Ready For A Night Out


You and your friends are getting ready for a big night out and you want to get the energy going before you head out. What would be better than a group number with flawless choreography that creates a montage of you all doing hair, make up and picking outfits? This is where glitter would probably come into play, just a small handful to toss into the air as you finish the number. Suggest song style: Somewhere between 'Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee' from Grease and 'Out Tonight' from Rent. It's an unusual cross-section of musicals but we think you can work it.

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