REVIEW ROUNDUP: “The Object Lesson” Opened with a ShowScore of 71

Show-Score | Feb 10, 2017
“The Object Lesson,” written by Geoff Sobelle and directed by David Neumann, opened on February  9, 2017 in New York City. “The Object Lesson,” written by Geoff Sobelle and directed by David Neumann, opened on February 9, 2017 in New York City.


22 critics reviewed the show, resulting in a weighted average of 69.

Zachary Stewart
ShowScore: 30
"It's like spending 90 minutes with a self-involved friend as he digs through his storage unit...This is certainly a worthwhile story, but Sobelle consistently chooses the most uninteresting ways to tell it. His interactions with the audience feel more labored than charming...Execution often feels like an afterthought in Neumann's production...The only feeling 'The Object Lesson' is able to deliver is confusion chased by a sincere hope that it will end quickly."
David Cote
Time Out New York
ShowScore: 95
"The environment installed by Steven Dufala at New York Theatre Workshop for performer Geoff Sobelle and director David Neumann’s astonishing and revelatory 'The Object Lesson' is one epic mausoleum...If you didn’t catch this startlingly original show when it premiered at BAM three years ago, treat yourself to this limited run...It's best seen without advance information...What exactly is the lesson here? We live, we die, we leave garbage behind. But to make art from trash: That’s real magic."
Jonathan Mandell
New York Theater
ShowScore: 85
"There are moments, jerry-rigged with makeshift lighting and some surprise stagecraft, that are both funny and, quite improbably, beautiful. It feels like the kind of show designed to give bragging rights to aficionados of way-out theater such as myself. But it also inspires a contemplation of the meaning of objects in our lives, how an evocative old box of memorabilia–even if not your own–can provoke a swift stream of memories."

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The show was also reviewed by 20 Show-Score members, whose collective ShowScore is a weighted average of 72.

Top five adjectives describing the show:
Quirky, Clever, Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Slow

Teresa 6209, ShowScore: 55
See it if…"You are open to an interesting idea that is developed very slowly, and if you are tall enough to see over most people." 
Don't see it if…"You like to see what is going on in a show." 
Adam G123, ShowScore: 70
See it if…"You enjoy moments of sheer brilliance combined with banality and incoherence. Fascinating staging for sure, but I left feeling kind of meh." 
Don't see it if…"You need a comfortable seat. My back killed after an hour. Or if you don't like absurdist experimental theater."
Emily Hoffert, ShowScore: 89
See it if…"You enjoy experimental, experiential theater, or enjoy feeling a part of a show. The staging involved the audience as part of the plot and set." 
Don't see it if…"You need a real seat. There are no real seats! Prepare to be a bit uncomfortable! But the discomfort is a part of the show and the experience." 

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