REVIEW ROUNDUP: “The Outer Space” Opened with a ShowScore of 70

Show-Score | Mar 9, 2017
“The Outer Space,” with book and lyrics by Ethan Lipton, music by Lipton and others, and directed by Leigh Silverman, opened on March  8, 2017 in New York City. “The Outer Space,” with book and lyrics by Ethan Lipton, music by Lipton and others, and directed by Leigh Silverman, opened on March 8, 2017 in New York City.


7 critics reviewed the show, resulting in a weighted average of 73.

Zachary Stewart
ShowScore: 85
"Remarkably, Lipton is able to sustain this thinly veiled allegory through a gentle deadpan delivery. His dulcet growl is reminiscent of Garrison Keillor…At first glance, this jovial evening of story and song doesn't ask much, but if you listen closely, you'll notice that it brushes against the most personal of questions for New Yorkers: When will you admit that the rat race you found so intoxicating as a twentysomething is tiresome and fruitless?"
Adam Feldman
Time Out New York
ShowScore: 60
“Dressed in a blue jumpsuit, Lipton delivers this tale with unassuming charm…But although it’s often clever, ‘The Outer Space’ gets trapped in too strict an orbit around its central joke: interplanetary travel as a metaphor for leaving the big city and moving to the country. By the time Lipton got to the pleasures of a Mercury Public Radio pledge drive, I found myself spacing out a bit."
Alexis Soloski
The New York Times
ShowScore: 90
“Sly, grumpy and just delightful…In numbers that lean on jazz, soul, funk and pop, Lipton turns his raspy tenor to clever rhymes…Do we really need another show in which a white guy vents his economic insecurity and foul mood? Turns out we do…This thumpingly humane show isn’t about getting away from it all or getting back to it all. It’s about learning to get over yourself, wherever you are, and adopting the small practices and habits that make you and yours a little happier.”

“The Outer Space” was also reviewed by Elyse Sommer of CurtainUp, Matthew Murray of Talkin' Broadway, and Jonathan Mandell of New York Theater.


The show was also reviewed by 16 Show-Score members, whose collective ShowScore is a weighted average of 69.

Top five adjectives describing the show:
Clever, Entertaining, Slow, Funny, Quirky

ABG, ShowScore: 66
See it if…"You LOVE Ethan Lipton (as I do) and are excited about his next act (and are just as prepared to be disappointed)." 
Don't see it if…"You LOVE Ethan Lipton and do not want to undermine memories of his fabulous concerts and the altogether brilliant 'No Place to Go.'"
Justinian, ShowScore: 67
See it if…"You like stand-up, lounge singers, storytelling, or twangy music. Or space settlers. Or romantic struggles and battles with depression." 
Don't see it if…"You're expecting a musical, classically beautiful voices, or a straightforward plot." 

Jordan46, ShowScore: 85 
See it if…"You like a story told through music. Ethan Lipton is so expressive and I enjoyed the concept of escaping to outer space."
Don't see it if…"You're looking for a traditional musical. This is a story told simply but eloquently."

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