REVIEW ROUNDUP: “Tick, Tick ... Boom!” Opened with a ShowScore of 85

Show-Score | Oct 21, 2016
“Tick, Tick ... Boom!,” written by Jonathan Larson and directed by Jonathan Silverstein, opened on October 20, 2016 in New York City. “Tick, Tick ... Boom!,” written by Jonathan Larson and directed by Jonathan Silverstein, opened on October 20, 2016 in New York City.


9 critics reviewed the show, resulting in a weighted average of 77.

Adam Feldman
Time Out New York
ShowScore: 65
"Capably revived by Keen Company’s Jonathan Silverstein, the musical offers an entertaining if uneven look at artistic anxiety...The stakes seem somewhat low in this version; although Blaemire is likable as always, one misses the intensity that Raúl Esparza and Lin-Manuel Miranda brought to the role. Still, Larson’s untimely death shadows the musical with poignancy. Jonathan is even righter than he fears: You never know when life is going to lower the boom."
David Gordon
ShowScore: 80
"This mounting not only presents a little-known masterwork in all its glory, but also leaves us heartbroken at the prospect of what could have been had Larson's life not ended in 1996...Blaemire, a writer and performer who's seen his share of theatrical heartbreak, brings to the table an intrinsic understanding of the highs and lows of show business, one that grounds his Jonathan in reality...Unfortunately, the three gifted stars are done a major disservice by Evans' muddled sound design."
Alexis Soloski
The New York Times
ShowScore: 65
"An affectionate, emotionally slight production...If Blaemire lacks the preternatural charm Esparza lent the role, he brings comic ease and ready sympathy...Salazar and Renée seem less suited to their roles...You can sense the director Jonathan Silverstein’s enthusiasm for the material in the bright pacing, the sprightly use of the onstage band, the generosity toward the performers. But surely the show would resonate more richly if he had helped them realize the relationships more fully."

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The show was also reviewed by 82 Show-Score members, whose collective ShowScore is a weighted average of 86.

Top five adjectives describing the show:
Great singing, Entertaining, Great acting, Absorbing, Resonant

TheaterGeekNYC, ShowScore: 90
See it if…"Jonathan Larson's music thrills you. This gem with such great music and lyrics is a must-see. 'Sunday's' homage to Sondheim is great." 
Don't see it if…"You like bigger spectacle musicals."
Buzzy, ShowScore: 70
See it if…"You have any doubts that 'Rent' was NOT a fluke. The production substitutes energy for insight, but the material by Larson is full of insight." 
Don't see it if…"You saw the Encores production a few summers ago that was much more concerned with the beauty and genius of Larson's writing."
KevinHoward, ShowScore: 90
See it if…"You want a great opportunity to learn the story of Jonathan Larson and how 'Rent' became a reality. Great reminder about how not to give up your dream!" 
Don't see it if…"If music or musicals don't hold your interest."

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