REVIEW ROUNDUP: “What We're Up Against (WP Theater)” Opened with a ShowScore of 77

Show-Score | Nov 9, 2017
“What We're Up Against (WP Theater),” written by Theresa Rebeck and directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt, opened on November  8, 2017 in New York City. “What We're Up Against (WP Theater),” written by Theresa Rebeck and directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt, opened on November 8, 2017 in New York City.


6 critics reviewed the show, resulting in a weighted average of 70.

Laura Collins-Hughes
The New York Times
ShowScore: 75
“Ms. Rebeck’s play isn’t about sexual harassment. It’s about all of the other ugly ways that a woman can be foiled and dismissed, ostracized and worn down, when she’s just trying to do her job. It’s also about what happens when she dares to show her anger...As sitcomish as it sometimes feels, ‘What We’re Up Against’ has a complex view of its characters and their dynamics...The cast is an impressive assemblage of talent...Oddly, though, the flashiest roles belong to men.”
Zachary Stewart
ShowScore: 85
“With its undeniably sharp perspective and neat archetypal characters, ‘What We're Up Against’ is guaranteed to infuriate — which is why you should see it...The story is dramatically compelling, the rage behind it undeniably authentic, and the characters are recognizably human...Even if you disagree with Rebeck's take on the way women are treated in the workplace, it is impossible to resist this ever-unfolding Machiavellian tale...An uncomfortable but vital night at the theater.”
Frank Scheck
The Hollywood Reporter
ShowScore: 55
"The play couldn't feel more dated...A provocative premise, but Rebeck's writing fails to do it full justice. The characters are so one-dimensional they might as well have their defining traits tattooed on their foreheads; the dialogue is repetitive and exclamatory; and the storyline feels padded despite the relatively brief running time...The performers bring a fierce energy to their characterizations that goes a long way toward compensating...It rarely rises above the level of cliche."

“What We're Up Against (WP Theater)” was also reviewed by Diane Snyder of Time Out New York, Brian Scott Lipton of CitiTour, and Holly Rosen Fink of The Culture Mom.


The show was also reviewed by 32 Show-Score members, whose collective ShowScore is a weighted average of 79.

Top five adjectives describing the show:
Relevant, Great acting, Entertaining, Thought-provoking, Intelligent

Jeryl M, ShowScore: 72
See it if…"You like well-acted plays about important issues that make you thing, but don't have any easy answers."
Don't see it if…"You don't like plays that bring up issues that can't be resolved within the course of the play and that stay with you after you see the play."
Andrew 4, ShowScore: 87
See it if…"You're a fan of Rebeck or the cast, you'd like to see how a 2011 play set in 1992 about the glass ceiling holds up."
Don't see it if…"You're not a fan of office set, issue plays which frustrate because not a lot has changed since '92. You don't like seeing people at their worst."
SugarButterMelktert, ShowScore: 78
See it if…"You enjoy plot- (not character-) driven stories about gender politics and the workplace. You are interested in contemporary convos about gender."
Don't see it if…"You prefer flashier plays or big-budget musicals."

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