The Top 4 Reasons We're So Excited About the Future of Storytelling!

Show-Score | By Sponsored Post | Sep 28, 2016

If you like “Then She Fell” and “Sleep No More”, if you’re fascinated by the intersection of technology and theater, if you can’t get enough of VR & AR, then mark your calendars for next weekend (October 7 - 9, 2016), and the Future of Storytelling Fest!


FoST Fest is the world’s first immersive storytelling festival (also see this great New York Times article). Set in a 75,000 sq. ft. venue called the FoST Playground, this open-to-the-public experience is a must for lovers of immersive theater and artists at the intersection of theater and technology. Here are the top four reasons we’re so excited about this weekend-long event.

1. Show-Score members get 35% off the entire event! 

You heard that right! You can get a $75 playground pass for just $52. And that gets you access to three hours at the Playground with more than 70 different immersive storytelling exhibitions, demos of the latest cutting-edge technologies, access to the multi-person VR theater, and free access to all sixteen conversation panels! 

To claim your Show-Score discount, click here and use code TM35!

2. “Hall Pass”, a new immersive musical inside a New York City high school!

“Hall Pass” is set and performed in a NYC High School that’s next to The Public Theater. This choose-your-own-adventure show lets you experience the trials and triumphs of the class of 2020. You’ll receive a school schedule and select a different course for each class period — with twelve options and four periods, the choice is completely yours. Whether you hang with the cheerleaders, land in detention, or skip class altogether... choose wisely. The show includes mature themes and adult language, just like real school.

Commissioned by NYU and curated by an amazing group of playwrights and composers, this production only runs for 3 performances, and $30 tickets (which includes a 15% discount) are available here!  

3. “{The And} Live Experience” is part documentary, part interactive theater and lets you be both participant and director!

Playing just six performances at BAM, the show is an extension of the Emmy award-winning interactive documentary that has been performed all over the world. The documentary filmmakers hosted couples of all types (friends, lovers, strangers, siblings, parents) in an intimate setting and gave them sets of questions intended to facilitate discussion, stimulation, and exploration of their relationship. And now, in the live shows at BAM, audiences can combine real-life social conversation and digital UX design to explore the ideas of connection, relationships, and human interaction.

The show runs 6 times between October 7 and 9 and $30 tickets can be purchased here!

4. VR, AR, Tech Demos...Oh My!

In addition to the amazing immersive theater pieces, FoST Fest is a true cornucopia for technologists and storytellers. There will be more than 50 virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality experiences, many of them world premieres. There will be a multi-person VR theater featuring the best of VR entertainment, and lots of demos of cutting-edge technologies like AI and facial recognition.

To learn more about FoST Fest, click here!

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