What is COMPANY Really About?

Learn more about this season’s most-followed show, Company, and why more than fifty years later, it is still a fan-favorite!

Oct 12, 2021

Stephen Sondheim is one of the most well-known names in show-biz. The American composer is responsible for some of the most iconic works in Broadway history including his seminal work, Company. When Sondheim first collaborated with librettist George Furth on the musical, little did the two men know they were creating more than just another hit show, they were launching a musical theatre revolution. 

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The original Company tells the story of Bobby, a perpetually single man living in New York City who seeks advice from and shares bachelor stories with his friends—five married couples who want him to “grow up” and get married. In these conversations, spoken and sung in a series of vignettes, Bobby learns the truth about sacrifice, love, connection, dating, and divorce. When the production originally opened on Broadway in Spring of 1970, it ran for over 700 performances and was nominated for 14 TONY Awards, winning Best Musical and a few others! 

So what is it about this story, which seems rather simple on the surface, that still has audiences enraptured? For example, the upcoming Broadway production currently has an awesome score of 88 on Show-Score!

Well, for one, Company is not a traditional musical. As previously mentioned, instead of telling a linear story, it is told through a series of vignettes or short, excerpted scenes that have a similar theme. The scenes are not in chronological order, but all allude to the same event: Bobby’s 35th birthday. 

Two, Company is a quintessentially New York story. Bobby is caught up in a roller coaster of different relationships, but somehow still feels lonely and disconnected. Anyone who has ever lived in New York or another big city, can relate to the unique experience of feeling isolated, even in a city crowded with people. These themes feel especially relevant as we make our transition out of pandemic-era restrictions. 

And finally, Company, is hysterical! Every song is laced with funny quips and relatable lines that make it easy to laugh at these normal characters, and therefore, laugh at ourselves! When the show first opened, it broke with the grandeur tradition of successful commercial musicals before it. The theatre industry was largely supported by upper middle class families who wanted to escape the monotony of their lives at the theatre. Instead, Sondheim and Furth decided to put their everyday problems right on stage, and laugh at them!

It is no wonder then why Company is going to be our first Show-Score Social back on Tuesday, November 23rd! Broadway performances for the most recent revival, which stars TONY winner Katrina Lenk as Bobbie (the gender-swapped version of Bobby), started on March 2, 2020 but had to close shortly after. Rounding out the ensemble is an exciting cast of musical theatre favorites (all of whom you can follow on Show-Score) including Patti LuPone, Matt Doyle, Nikki Renee Daniels, and more! What a better way to welcome the production back to Broadway than with Show-Score! 

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