What To See This Thanksgiving on Broadway and Beyond!

Show-Score | By Linda Buchwald | Nov 21, 2016

Are you visiting New York for Thanksgiving? Do you have family coming into town? These shows are the perfect way to celebrate, either because they involve lots of food, family, or, in some cases, actually take place during the holiday.

"The Humans" "The Humans" | By Joan Marcus


Featured Show:

Food and friendship come together when four friends enter a Betty Crocker cooking contest in 1957, making for a great "Friendsgiving" theatrical pick

In fact, York Theatre Company is offering Show-Score members a Gals Night Out for you and three or more friends! Snag four tickets at $150 (saving you up to $140!), along with 20% off delicious Italian food at nearby Luna Piena Restaurant, with happy hour priced drinks to get the evening started! Use code GALPAL to purchase!

In the final part of this trilogy about election year in the life of the Gabriel family, the characters cook and eat onstage.

Rattlestick Playwrights Theater has been transformed into Gideon Irving's living room, complete with festive holiday lights. Plus, he serves warm cookies during the show. Mmm.

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Differences in politics create tension at the dinner table when a recently widowed nurse visits her WWII veteran father.

Okay, we're talking about Thanksgiving, not Christmas, but it's never too early to start enjoying holiday cocktails!


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In Stephen Karam's Tony-winning play, the Blake family spends Thanksgiving at younger daughter Brigid's new apartment that she rents with her boyfriend. Just don't go to the theater hungry.

This new Irving Berlin musical features so many holidays that it's basically always timely. And of course, one of those holidays is—you guessed it—Thanksgiving.

What's more Thanksgiving than pie? Not only do the characters bake and eat the classic holiday dessert, but the smell of freshly baked pie is piped into the theater. You can even buy mini pies for an intermission snack!

If you don't have tickets now for next week's performances, you are probably out of luck (unless you win the lottery), but we had to include this American history musical for an American holiday.

You might be wondering what a musical based on a Russian novel has to do with Thanksgiving, but there is plenty of feasting to be had: just swap the stuffing for pierogis!

Why not spend a family holiday with one of the most classic families of musical theater? The musical is evan based on the play entitled "Tevye and His Daughters": how's that for family bonding?

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Your best bet if you want to spend the day with a family that's a little more unconventional, but no less loving.

If you prefer tuna to turkey and wish you could choose your own family, you can't go wrong with George St. Geegland and Gil Faizon.

This culinary variety show is a limited run just in time for Thanksgiving, we we wouldn't be surprised if the holiday makes an appearance in this blend of food and music.

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