What Would Be Your Dream Broadway Show Mashup?

Show-Score | By Samantha Dupler | Dec 26, 2016

Recently, all three of Andrew Lloyd Weber's currently running Broadway shows performed a hilarious live mashup! What shows should be next?

No, no, you're not dreaming: you really did just watch Grizabella from "Cats" and Christine from "Phantom" get relegated to the positions of groupie and backup singer, respectively, by "School of Rock"'s Dewey Finn.

That's just the kind of hilarity that ensues from a musical mashup: specifically, this "Magical Musical Mashup" from Good Morning America, celebrating all three of Andrew Lloyd Weber's currently-running Broadway shows.

This got us thinking: what other Broadway shows could be mashed up for maximum laughs and/or creativity?

Maybe the revolutionaries of "Hamilton" meet the barricade boys from "Les Mis" and have Hamilton and Enjolras trade tactical tips! Or how about the hopeful auditioners from "A Chorus Line" end up in a new Bottom Brothers' ("Something Rotten!") production?

  • Share your fun Broadway mashup ideas in the comments below, and we'll Photoshop our favorites into a musical scene!