Your Guide to Show-Score Salons


We're glad you're joining us for a Show-Score Salon. This article will walk you through the process of how to have a great time.

Before the Salon:

The technology we’re using is called BigMarker, and it is very user-friendly and easy to access. The Salon opens 30 minutes prior to start time. We recommend settling in at least 15 minutes before your Salon starts, to give us plenty of time to troubleshoot technical issues we might encounter.
If you’re using a laptop or desktop computer to enter the Salon:

  • Make sure you are using the Google Chrome or Firefox internet browser. If you don’t have either of these, you can download them for free!
  • Download Google Chrome for free
  • Download Firefox for free
  • We recommend doing a system test prior to the start of your Salon. You can do that here.  
  • You'll see some numbers flicker on your screen, and then you’ll see the word “Pass”. That means your computer is ready to go.
  • If your computer doesn’t pass the test, there will be instructions on what to do next, but you can also email and we will help you troubleshoot.


If you plan on using a smartphone or tablet to enter the Salon    

During the Salon:

When it’s time to join your Salon, you will receive an email called “Join Now”. Once you’ve opened that email, click the special link at the top to arrive at your Salon.

Click the green button that says “ENTER WEBINAR”.

This will take you to your Salon room. You’ll see the stage, where your instructor will appear on the left and the chat bar on the right.


Using your Microphone

During the discussion portions of the Salon, you may contribute by using the chat box on the right OR by speaking into your computer's microphone. To signal that you would like to speak using your microphone, use the Raising Your Hand feature (described below) to indicate that you would like to talk. Your Show-Score Facilitator will then enable your microphone.

  • If your computer doesn’t have a microphone, or you don’t want to speak, don’t worry. You can join the conversation in other ways.
  • But if you do want to talk, make sure your microphone is turned on. Click the microphone icon in the upper-right hand corner of your screen and select “TURN MIC ON.”
  • We recommend keeping your microphone turned off unless the presenter has invited you to speak. You can let the presenter know you’d like to speak by raising your hand

**Remember: In order to speak, you must turn your mic on AND have your mic enabled by your presenter.


Raising Your Hand

Just like in a real-life classroom, you can raise your hand in BigMarker. This will alert your facilitator that you have a question or comment. Just click the hand icon beneath the chat bar. It will appear in the chat screen with the rest of the conversation.

Chat Bar

You can also chat to others in the Salon room using the Chat Bar. This is where you can type any questions or comments that you have during the class. (Make sure you have scrolled down to the bottom of the chat box to read the newest comments.)

Technical Support During the Salon

In every Salon, there will be a Show-Score Facilitator to help you, should you have any issues. You can privately message this person by clicking on the “People” tab in your chat bar and clicking the green “Chat” link next to “Show-Score Facilitator”. You can find the “Show-Score Facilitator” by the green star next to their name.

Community Guidelines

Please keep your comments polite and your language G-rated. We’re a friendly bunch.
To quote our site’s community guidelines: “Theater is a universal art form, which means that it attracts extraordinary diversity. That’s a wonderful thing. But it also means that “Book of Mormon”, for example, will simultaneously delight some people and offend others. Wherever we are on whatever spectrum we hold dear, we respect those who are somewhere else. We’re united in our love of theater.”

Those are the basics of Show-Score Salon and BigMarker.
Thank you so much for joining us for your salon. We hope you have a great time!