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Hamilton (NYC)

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This hip-hop infused tuner about America's founding fathers won 11 Tony Awards inc. Best Musical. More…

Winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and 11 Tony Awards, Lin Manuel-Miranda's musical about "America then, as told by American now" is a global phenomenon, incorporating hip hop, R&B, and traditional musical theater to tell the country's origin story in a whole new way. Along with characters like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, King George III, Aaron Burr, and Angelica and Elizabeth Schuyler, the musical tells the story of a political mastermind and the country he came to build.

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Clever, Entertaining, Absorbing, Must see, Ambitious

Clever, Ambitious, Entertaining, Great writing, Original

See it if you can get tickets. Beg, steal, or borrow to get those tickets. You'll be glad you did!

Don't see it if you can't pay close attention to words. This show takes dedicated concentration, for which you'll be richly rewarded.

Clever, Epic, Great writing, Intelligent, Must see

See it if If you love musical theater, excellent music and an epic story this show is for you. One of the greatest musicals to have come up.

Don't see it if you don't like musicals.

Exquisite, Masterful, Must see, Original, Epic

See it if You can get a ticket. Not only lives up to all the hype but actually surpasses it. Different, in a good way, from anything I've ever seen!

Don't see it if I can't think of a single reason you wouldn't want to see this show.

Clever, Great singing, Great staging, Profound

See it if You want a different kind of musical. Well staged great singing, directing

Don't see it if Can't give a 100 le mis was the only show I gave that too. I really liked but liked le mis and kiss me Kate better.

Greatest show ever!

See it if you have a pulse.

Don't see it if you're crazy not to.

Clever, Original, Refreshing, Intelligent, Entertaining

See it if you want a smart, original, clever interpretation of a fascinating period in our history (& you want to see what all the hype's about).

Don't see it if you have to spend thousands of dollars for tickets. (It'll be around for a while. It is well-worth face value and worth the wait.)

Absorbing, Clever, Enchanting, Entertaining, Exquisite

See it if What more can you expect? Going in with high expectations was matched by a superlative production. Not a weak link anywhere .Go, Go, Go,

Don't see it if There is no option if you love theater. Maybe the cost?????

Absorbing, Ambitious, Great acting, Masterful, Must see

See it if you like innovative theater that grips you from the first note, want to be caught up in a fairly accurate historical story, great music

Don't see it if you have trouble concentrating closely and want musicals be fluff, plan to go in hating the show

Ambitious, Masterful, Epic, Exquisite, Must see

See it if All the superlatives apply to this hip-hop/rap historical locomotive that won't be hitting the end of the line. NY is the greatest city ITW.

Don't see it if Cast changes can't sustain inevitable quality degeneration. First act is an assault to the senses, before settling into more standard fare.

Deserves all the plaudits it has received; breakthrough musical of the 21st century

See it if brilliant premise that hip-hop score captures energy/perspective of Revolutionary War era leaders, marvelous choreography, set, performances

Don't see it if female characters largely passive, don't feel emotional connection to A. Hamilton until late in 2nd act

Also It is heartening to see that an immensely popular musical like Hamilto... Read more Read less

Riveting, Must see, Masterful, Great writing, Great acting

See it if you have a pulse (and a few dollars).

Don't see it if you're dead.

Great writing, Must see, Original, Profound, Resonant

See it if You want to see a contemporary take on history. You want to see historical figures presented as real, relevant people.

Don't see it if There's no reason not to see it. Even if you have to Wait For It, it's worth it!

Great writing, Masterful, Must see, Epic, Clever

See it if you're familiar with and like the cast album. The show is almost entirely the album. If you don't know the music first, you may get lost.

Don't see it if you're not into hip hop or are turned off by a lack of good parts for women in theatre. Out of only three women, two play clichés.

Absorbing, Entertaining, Great acting, Great writing, Intelligent

See it if You want to be wowed. You love history. Music. Great acting. Amazing!!

Don't see it if Everyone should see it.

Absorbing, Clever, Intelligent, Relevant, Thought-provoking

See it if You can get tickets.

Don't see it if You're not into the hype whatsoever.

Absorbing, Ambitious

See it if I was a fan of Hamilton the man and read the book before the show came out. Show follows the book very well.

Don't see it if If you like traditional show music or traditional casting.

Exquisite, Great acting, Great writing, Original, Clever

See it if you would like to see the most original and creative show on stage anywhere.

Don't see it if Can't think of any reason not to see the show.

Ambitious, Absorbing, Entertaining, Great staging, Great writing

See it if you are in the least bit interested in the future of the American Musical Theatre. "Hamilton" shows innovation at its best.

Don't see it if Just see'll love it!!!

Ambitious, Epic, Intelligent, Masterful, Must see

See it if a brilliant combination of rap + hip hop style in an unforgettable world class musical with superb acting and singing and smart comedy !

Don't see it if The only reason not to see this is if you really absolutely cannot tolerate rap style music ! Oh, and if you can't get a ticket !

Great staging, Riveting, Epic, Masterful, Great singing

See it if You love brilliant musicals that not only teach us history but uniquely use rap to deliver the words; timeless; appeals to all ages;cast!!!!

Don't see it if Phantom of the Opera is still your favorite musical; Cannot follow rap beats or are hard of hearing; Hate politics

Also Update I just saw a Hamilton for the third time. Second time on Broadw... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Clever, Exquisite, Great acting, Great singing

See it if you appreciate groundbreaking brilliant theatre.

Don't see it if there is no reason not to see it!

Great staging, Great writing, Intelligent, Masterful, Must see

See it if you want to see a new direction for the American musical

Don't see it if you're not willing to give hip-hop a chance.

Clever, Entertaining, Great staging, Great singing, Great writing

See it if you love musicals which are a bit different; you appreciate rap style music; you are interested in Hamilton; you can sit for 3 hours.

Don't see it if you totally hate rap music; you have no desire to know about Alexander Hamilton; you are not a "follower" of everyone else who gave raves.

Sets new course in musical storytelling, Must see, Amalgam of all that's before, Indigenous to broadway stage, Very happy audience

See it if you want to ascend to the next level of Broadway storytelling, to be immersed in history & entertainment engaging in a whole new way

Don't see it if you're afraid you won't like the rap which seems to me actually more akin to the stylings of Gilbert&Sullivan, or can't sit rapt for 3hrs

Must see, Innovative writing, Dynamic score, Intelligent and educational

See it if Lin-Manuel Miranda compresses Chernow’s 800-page biography of Hamilton into a musical of rap and song. Words come fast and cover many years.

Don't see it if Even if you don’t like rap mixed with various music styles, you should see this unique tradition-breaking musical.

August 6th, 2015
"Yes, it really is that good...I am loath to tell people to mortgage their houses and lease their children to acquire tickets to a hit Broadway show. But 'Hamilton,' directed by Thomas Kail and starring Mr. Miranda, might just about be worth it — at least to anyone who wants proof that the Americ...
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August 6th, 2015
"What is left to say? After every critic in town (including me) praised the Public Theater world premiere to high heaven; and after seeing this language-drunk, rhyme-crazy dynamo a second time, I can only marvel: They used up all the damn words. Wait, here are three stragglers, straight from the ...
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August 6th, 2015
"A second look suggests that something even more significant is going on. The breakthrough isn’t so much the incorporation of those contemporary genres; after all, Miranda already did that, throwing in Latin music to boot, in the charming 'In the Heights.' But 'Hamilton' not only incorporates new...
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August 6th, 2015
"Having already become a cultural phenomenon in its off-Broadway premiere run earlier this year at the Public Theater, 'Hamilton' — written by and starring Lin-Manuel Miranda, who previously made a name for himself on Broadway with 'In the Heights' — seems a shoo-in for smash hit status and a sle...
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