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Matthew Broderick stars in the Broadway revival about a couple whose lives are changed when the husband brings home a dog he finds in Central Park. More…

'Sylvia' is about what happens when a smart, sassy canine befriends a New Yorker in Central Park and changes his and his wife’s life forever. The comedy takes a look into the complexities of love and commitment and asks what it truly means to be devoted to your partner…and how you choose between the love of your life and man’s best friend. Starring two-time Tony winner Matthew Broderick and Tony-winner Annaleigh Ashford.

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Funny, Clever, Entertaining, Delightful, Great acting

Banal, Disappointing, Insipid, Overrated, Annoying

See it if you love dogs. Without a devotion to furry friends, Sylvia's charms are elusive. Broderick was bland; Ashford too spicy. I didn't laugh once

Don't see it if you want an intelligent, insightful evening of theater. Sylvia is entertaining drivel. Closing doggie pix was a cheap bid for approval.

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Disappointing, Entertaining

See it if you can get the tix for $5, which I did

Don't see it if you have to pay a lot.

Banal, Dated, Disappointing, Insipid, Boring

See it if you love Annaleigh Ashford, and slight comedies.

Don't see it if you dislike Matthew Broderick, and ponder why he is always being cast in plays.

Disappointing, Insipid, Quirky, Fluffy, Indulgent

See it if I thought the story was weak and embarrassingly silly. Matthew Broderick seemed to be just going through the motions.

Don't see it if You're looking for a well acted, funny, sharp comedy

Banal, Overrated, Quirky

See it if you love Julie White, and will see her in anything, even if she is wasted in the role.

Don't see it if you are over this weird character Matthew Broderick has been playing for the last 10 years.

Funny, Disappointing, Indulgent, Overrated

See it if you want to see same Broadway names.

Don't see it if you won't, it closed.

Fluffy, Funny

See it if Like light hearted sketch comedies, and dogs

Don't see it if Dislike the above

Indulgent, Slow, Funny, Interesting concept, Poorly executed

See it if you like Annaleigh Ashford. She's a riot! The rest of the show didn't do much for me, despite the talented cast.

Don't see it if you can't sit through two hours of plodding, uneven, self-indulgent theatre.

Entertaining, Funny, Cute, Fluffy, Fun

See it if you enjoy comedians having fun; you're the kind of white upper-middle class midlife New Yorker who likes to laugh at stereotypes of yourself

Don't see it if you're a feminist; gender is not dealt with carefully.

Cliched, Dated, Funny

See it if Annaleigh Ashford. Robert Sella. You can let the jokes that land carry you through all the ones that don't.

Don't see it if This play really didn't deserve a revival. The material is dated and even the "timeless" humor feels uninspired and saved by the actors.

Entertaining, Dated, Disappointing, Funny, Cliched

See it if Happiness is a warm puppy or, as Stoppard wrote, all you need from a play is, "Love and a bit with a dog." Ashford is adorably adoptable.

Don't see it if Sketch material protracted to 2 hours has you scratching the door to get out and Broderick's delivery sounds like Shirley Temple in drag.

Disappointing, Fluffy, Annoying, Uneven acting, Ok

See it if You love dogs, don't mind Matthew Broderick's one-note, uninvolved acting style, and can get a major discount.

Don't see it if unless you LOVE Matthew Broderick & would also leave your spouse for a dog. He reads lines but doesn't add any emotion or humor. He bored me

Clever, Funny, Raunchy, Quirky, Intelligent

See it if you like annaleigh ashford or want to see something funny

Don't see it if you want an intense drama

Clever, Funny, Great acting, Fluffy, Quirky

See it if you like Matthew Broderick, dogs, and tales of life in NYC.

Don't see it if you dislike seeing humans pretend to be animals.

Cliched, Fluffy, Insipid

See it if You like silly, nonsensical, overacted and mostly off-base canine humor mixed with flat and formulaic marital difficulties.

Don't see it if You expect creative, clever, nuanced and well-developed humor consistently based on a solid foundation of canine and marital behavior.

Funny, Fluffy, Quirky

See it if you're a dog-lover and/or if you're looking for a fun feel-good show. Annaleigh Ashford is stupendous.

Don't see it if you're with young children. Most of the show is tame, but there was an unexpected amount of cursing [not a lot, but more than anticipated].

Funny, Disappointing, Sophomoric, Insipid

See it if you want to see Annaleigh Ashford command the stage and have fun

Don't see it if you don't like actors chewing the scene; you are uncomfortable with insinuated romance between a human and a dog

Disappointing, Quirky, Slow

See it if you like dogs

Don't see it if you are easily bored

Enchanting, Funny, Slow, Ambitious

See it if you enjoy light comedies with moments of sincerity.

Don't see it if those moments of sincerity need to be more often than not. A nice attempt at the story but lacking in acting depth.

Quirky, Great acting, Entertaining, Fluffy

See it if You love dogs or are considering your midlife crisis. Makes a great case for man's best friend. Whole cast gives a master class in acting.

Don't see it if You don't want saccharine sweet entertainment. It's fairly predictable. Not for the nervous cat owner!

Funny, Great acting, Cliched, Delightful

See it if You like dogs and like to laugh

Don't see it if You are looking for something more clever or emotional.

Disappointing, Slow, Excruciating

See it if You like Mathew Broderick

Don't see it if You can go see anything else.

Clever, Disappointing, Great acting

See it if You want to see a great human representation of a dog

Don't see it if You feel uncomfortable questioning if a man is in romantic love with his dog

Clever, Funny, Original, Overrated, Silly

See it if you're a dog person. Parts of this were very touching for me, especially toward the end, simply because I thought of my dogs.

Don't see it if you're not a dog person. I caught myself falling asleep at certain parts. There isn't a strong enough story here.

Banal, Disappointing, Disingenuous, Fluffy, Quirky

See it if you are big fan of Annaleigh Ashford, she really shines. Also see it if you are looking for a night of light entertainment at the theatre.

Don't see it if you are looking for something original or really funny. The show does not take many risks with its humor or story.

October 27th, 2015
"'Sylvia,' despite being one of Mr. Gurney’s more popular plays — the woman-plays-dog conceit probably helps — feels tediously overextended and repetitive at two hours and two acts. Although it has a certain silly charm, a sweet message about making connections both human and non- and some nicely...
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October 27th, 2015
"Broderick, perkier than he’s been lately, gets crucial voltage from Ashford and White, both endlessly inventive comedians. Ashford has the showier role, dashing about in fanciful doggy couture and keeping up a sassy stream-of-consciousness. She sniffs strangers’ crotches with impunity; she butt-...
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October 27th, 2015
Unfortunately, this fantastic comic challenge is a dramaturgical disaster... A play that already seemed 20 years behind the times in 1995 now seems not just tired but icky... I left the theater — after the sappy post-curtain slide show — feeling pretty much like Kate, peeved and disapproving but...
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October 27th, 2015
"What makes the one-dimensional play even more annoying, however, is its questionable sexual politics... The natural conclusion is followed by an unnecessary coda that goes on to spell out the obvious, turning it into pure schmaltz. No one would blame even the most nonmilitant feminist from snarl...
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