New York | 2h 30m | Open run

Wicked (NYC)

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About the show

Now in its sixteenth year on Broadway, this all-ages musical spectacle tells the untold true story of the Witches of Oz. More…

"Wicked" looks at what happened in the Land of Oz…but from a different angle. Long before Dorothy arrives, there is another young woman, born with emerald-green skin—smart, fiery, misunderstood, and possessing an extraordinary talent. When she meets a bubbly blonde who is exceptionally popular, their initial rivalry turns into the unlikeliest of friendships…until the world decides to call one “good,” and the other one “wicked.” 

2h 30m | Open run | Gershwin Theatre (Midtown W)

Clever, Enchanting, Great writing, Romantic, Thought-provoking

See it if You like stories that examine familiar stories from a different angle

Don't see it if See it!

Cliched, Delightful, Great singing, Great acting, Overrated

See it if you haven't seen it before

Don't see it if you're tired of hearing all of the songs.

Cliched, Entertaining, Great singing, Quirky

See it if You love theatre, fantastic singing talent, and are in need to escape to the land of Oz for a few hours.

Don't see it if You don't like musical theatre.

Clever, Ambitious, Entertaining, Great staging, Epic

See it if You love the Wizard of Oz. I liked that it explained the background of the Oz characters.

Don't see it if You have young children. It can be scary, so I would recommend it for older children. Musically, I only liked a couple of songs.

Clever, Entertaining

See it if I thought the story was unique and entertaining. I personally thought the musical score/songs could be better.

Don't see it if You have never seen The Wizard of Oz.

Overrated, Indulgent, Disappointing, Cliched, Slow

See it if You need to mark it off a list

Don't see it if You have other options

Clever, Great acting, Delightful

See it if if you love the Wizard of Oz but see the show through a new lens.

Don't see it if O

Delightful, Enchanting

See it if You love wizard of oz

Don't see it if If you are afraid of witches

Clever, Enchanting, Entertaining, Confusing, Overrated

See it if You've seen & liked the original Wizard of Oz.

Don't see it if You need to hear the lyrics of the songs in order to understand what is going on in the show.

Entertaining, Overrated, Fluffy, Quirky, Cliched

See it if you're looking for a spectacle musical. It's visually stunning

Don't see it if you want a book musical that has substance

Great acting, Entertaining

See it if Great show for tourists, fun and mostly light. Theatre is huge so not too crazy hard to get tickets

Don't see it if You want a show that will leave you thinking

Ambitious, Clever, Delightful, Enchanting, Epic

See it if You enjoy epic stories about powerful women

Don't see it if You want an intimate night at the theater

Delightful, Cliched, Dizzying, Entertaining, Dated

See it if You liked Wizard of Oz and want to know more about the story.

Don't see it if You are sick of Wizard if Oz and don’t care about the backstory.

Great acting, Great singing, Overrated

See it if You love the wizard of oz and will be okay with having a show that is kind of a spinoff of it.

Don't see it if If you love the original wizard of oz.

Absorbing, Enchanting, Entertaining, Riveting, Great writing

See it if You enjoy a classic story about facing fears and over coming obstacals

Don't see it if You have no soul

Delightful, Must see, Relevant, Epic, Funny

See it if your into seeeing the backstory of the two witchs.

Don't see it if you have no intrest in the wicked sisters.

Ambitious, Entertaining, Quirky, Refreshing, Great singing

See it if The singing was beautiful and the show overall was funny.

Don't see it if You're looking for something dark and engaging.

Entertaining, Delightful, Thought-provoking, Masterful, Refreshing

See it if You like to ship characters that would be cute together, but are also great as friends.

Don't see it if You aren't interested in watching a friendship develop.

Clever, Confusing, Enchanting, Entertaining, Delightful

See it if You loved Cinderella

Don't see it if If you dont eant to know how things started

Absorbing, Enchanting, Entertaining, Must see, Riveting

See it if You love the wizard of oz and want to see the story behind it all.

Don't see it if You are not entertained by something that will keep you interested the whole way through.

Intelligent, Great writing, Riveting, Slow second act, Clever

See it if First act great second act dragged

Don't see it if You can fall asleep easily


See it if It was fun

Don't see it if Just see it, a classic

Enchanting, Entertaining, Epic, Thought-provoking, Riveting

See it if you are a fan of wizard of oz and want to know the real story

Don't see it if the characters do not mean that much to you

Clever, Great staging, Intelligent

See it if you want turn the Wizard of Oz on its head.

Don't see it if expect it to be like the Wizard of Oz.

Enchanting, Clever, Entertaining, Delightful, Ambitious

See it if liked it a lot

Don't see it if you don't like fun

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