LGBTQ (12)

These productions include themes or characters relevant to LGBTQ audiences.

Open run Come From Away (NYC) NYC: Midtown W
92 3,596 reviews

This Broadway sleeper hit musical tells the heartwarming true story of a tiny Canadian town that cared for thousands of grounded travelers in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Open run Distorted Diznee NYC: Midtown W
87 35 reviews

This long-running late night spectacle is an outrageous Las Vegas-style drag revue parody of some of America's most beloved animated classics. 

In Previews: Opens Nov 17 The Inheritance NYC: Midtown W
87 116 reviews

Re-envisioning E. M. Forster’s masterpiece “Howards End” to 21st-century New York, this epic two-part play follows the interlinking lives of three generations of gay men searching for a community of their own.

Ends Jan 19 Slave Play (Broadway) NYC: Midtown W
81 214 reviews

After a hit run Off-Broadway, Jeremy O. Harris's new play comes to Broadway. This provocative work aims to rip apart history to shed new light on the nexus of race, gender, and sexuality in 21st century America.

Open run Oscar at the Crown NYC: Brooklyn
80 62 reviews

Set in a secret bunker far in the fascist future, this new, immersive, queer nightclub musical explores a world where little more than sequins, reality television, and the complete works of Oscar Wilde have survived.

Open run Naked Boys Singing! NYC: Midtown W
76 274 reviews

This musical revue celebrating male nudity in comedy, song, and dance, features sixteen original songs sung by eight naked men and no clothes.

Ends Oct 21 Reeking of Indiscretion: Madam... NYC: Midtown W
71 19 reviews

This new work exploring the relationships of philanthropist Robert Allerton offers an epistolary intrigue of historical truth, fiction, and LGBTQ issues.

Ends Oct 31 The Seance Machine NYC: Midtown W
37 3 reviews

This new piece asks: what if you could listen to the voices of the past as easily as you listen to your favorite podcast?

Previews start Nov 03 Jagged Little Pill (NYC) NYC: Midtown W
- 0 reviews

Inspired by the themes and raw emotions laid bare in Alanis Morissette’s Grammy Award-winning album, this new Broadway musical tells an original story about pain, healing, and empowerment. (Past Reviews)

In Previews: Opens Nov 05 Dr. Ride's American Beach House NYC: West Village
- 0 reviews

Set in Missouri on the night before Dr. Sally Ride's historic launch into space, Ars Nova's world premiere explores sexual politics, power, and repression between three friends in 1983.

Previews start Oct 29 On That Day In Amsterdam NYC: West Village
- 0 reviews

In Clarence Coo’s world premiere, the morning after a one-night stand, a refugee from the Middle East and an American backpacker set off on a romantic journey through Amsterdam.

Opens Oct 24 Saints of Failure NYC: Brooklyn
- 0 reviews

This new experimental work explores explores the collision of queer and Christian identities in America, through storytelling, original organ music, and live makeup transformations.