These productions include themes or characters relevant to LGBTQ audiences.

Open run Come From Away (NYC) 3,081 reviews
91 Overall Score

This Broadway sleeper hit musical tells the heartwarming true story a tiny Canadian town that cared for thousands of grounded travelers in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Ends Apr 07 Kinky Boots (Broadway) 7,239 reviews
88 Overall Score

This Tony-winning Best Musical, about a shoemaker whose business is saved by a wildly flamboyant clientele, features a score of catchy songs written by pop star Cyndi Lauper.

Open run Distorted Diznee 28 reviews
87 Overall Score

This long-running late night spectacle is an outrageous Las Vegas-style drag revue parody of some of America's most beloved animated classics. 

Ends Mar 31 Still at Risk 11 reviews
86 Overall Score

Kevin, an activist from the front lines of the AIDS crisis, struggles to find his place in contemporary gay culture. A look at the hazards of rewriting the past and one man’s attempt to move forward.

Ends Mar 30 Bleach 58 reviews
77 Overall Score

Spin Cycle presents the US premiere of this underground hit about Tyler, a twenty-four-year-old who sells his body on a nightly basis. This intimate, immersive production will be performed for an audience of 10.

Open run Naked Boys Singing! 269 reviews
76 Overall Score

This musical revue celebrating male nudity in comedy, song, and dance, features sixteen original songs sung by eight naked men and no clothes.

Ends Mar 31 Daddy 141 reviews
72 Overall Score

In The New Group and Vineyard Theatre's new drama, Franklin, a young black artist, meets Andre (Alan Cumming), an older white art collector, and before long their feverish link deepens into an irresistible bond.

Ends Mar 31 Smoke & Mirrors 2 reviews
90 Overall Score

"Smoke & Mirrors,” Sasha Velour's first solo show, is a blend of drag, visual art, and magic.

Ends Mar 24 Identity 3 reviews
88 Overall Score

Mike feels trapped and does not want to be boxed in, so he asks doctor to have his identity removed. Can the procedure really help? An autobiographical tale of cerebral palsy, Catholicism, and homosexuality. 

Ends Mar 30 Bare 2 reviews
79 Overall Score

The electric contemporary pop/rock opera "Bare" follows a group of students at a Catholic boarding school as they grapple with their sexuality, identity, and the future. A site-aware production staged in an actual…

Opens Mar 28 The Sinless 0 reviews
- Overall Score

The New Roman Theatre Group presents this play about a young Orthodox Jewish couple in crisis. 

Previews start Mar 31 June is the First Fall 0 reviews
- Overall Score

Yangtze Repertory Theatre's production tells a story of a gay Chinese man who comes back home to Hawaii and begins a journey of reconciliation between his chosen identity and the heritage he left behind.

Previews start Mar 28 Charlie's Waiting 0 reviews
- Overall Score

"Charlie’s Waiting," a world premiere by 2017 Parity Commission winner Mêlisa Annis, follows two women the night before their wedding.