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Metropolitan Playhouse explores America’s theatrical heritage to illuminate contemporary American culture. The Playhouse produces early American plays, new plays drawn from American culture and history, and plays from around the world that resonate with the American canon.

Productions (15)

Already closed East Side Stories, Back Again NYC: East Village
73 4 reviews

"East Side Stories, Back Again" is the 14th collection of new, short works based on the rich history and eclectic character of New York’s East Village and Lower East Side. 

Already closed The Poor of New York NYC: East Village
86 57 reviews

Metropolitan Playhouse presents a revival of this mid-19th century melodrama, which offers a trenchant challenge to an ethos of "winning" at all costs and exposes the bitter conflicts inherent in income inequality.

Already closed State of the Union NYC: East Village
81 53 reviews

Metropolitan Playhouse presents this 1945 political drama that asks: how can you win a campaign if the candidate insists on saying what he means? 

Already closed Shadow of Heroes NYC: East Village
82 18 reviews

Metropolitan Playhouse's revival follows the intertwined lives of three friends and lovers from the liberation of Hungary from the Nazis in 1945 to its invasion by the Soviet army in 1956.

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