New Light Theater Project


Led by Founding Artistic Director Sarah Norris and Producing Director Michael Aguirre, New Light Theater Project (NLTP) is an ensemble-driven theater company that strives to capture the Little Theater Movement (artistry over commerce; producing new and classic works) in the NYC indie theater community. To accomplish this, NLTP places the ensemble at the center of the process, where all members, regardless of artistic role, bear weight and voice to the stories selected to tell. NLTP devises and develops new work, brings classical texts and revivals to life, and creates a spirit of community for all theatrical collaborations. NLTP illuminates other artists and companies through a network of shared resources, such as The Spotlight and Darkroom Series, while cultivating theatrical partnerships around the world.

Productions (15)
Hitler's Tasters
Oct 2018 — Oct 2018
Meaningful Conversation
Sep 2018 — Sep 2018
Less Than 50%
Aug 2018 — Sep 2018
The Property
Jun 2018 — Jul 2018
The Hollower
May 2018 — Jun 2018
Hal & Bee
Mar 2018 — Mar 2018
Time Stands Still
Feb 2018 — Feb 2018
Sep 2017 — Oct 2017
Omega Kids
Mar 2017 — Mar 2017
Sight Unseen
Feb 2017 — Feb 2017
A Burial Place
Nov 2016 — Nov 2016
Arthur and Esther
Oct 2016 — Nov 2016
Two of Us
Oct 2016 — Nov 2016
Strange Country
Jul 2016 — Aug 2016
Monte Cristo
Jan 2016 — Feb 2016