The Bushwick Starr


The Bushwick Starr is an Obie Award-winning not-for-profit theater that presents an annual season of new performance works. It is an organization defined by both its artists and its community, and, since 2007, it has grown into a thriving theatrical venue, a vital neighborhood arts center, and a destination for exciting and engaging performance. The Bushwick Starr provides a springboard for emerging professional artists to make career-defining leaps, and is a sanctuary where established artists come to experiment and innovate.

Productions (9)
Jan 2018 — Mar 2018
Cute Activist
Jan 2018 — Feb 2018
Animal Wisdom
Oct 2017 — Dec 2017
The Art of Luv (Part 5): Swipe Right / ROKÉ Cupid
May 2017 — Jun 2017
Frontieres Sans Frontieres
Mar 2017 — Mar 2017
Furry! / La Furia!
Nov 2016 — Nov 2016
I'll Never Love Again
Feb 2016 — Mar 2016
Jan 2016 — Jan 2016
The Alcoholic Movie Musical!
Oct 2015 — Oct 2015