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The Knockturnal

“Assaults the audience with a massive collage of moods all at once...Ludlam’s core theatrical belief was that every play/production should be an ‘experiment’...’Conquest’ is certainly no exception...It’s difficult to determine what exactly the hypothesis of this experiment was. The play is long, melodramatic, self-referential, gratuitously and violently sexual, and frequently disregards the fourth wall...It came across as little more than a piece of grisly kitsch.” Full Review

The Royale
Upper W Side
The Knockturnal

"'The Royale’ is a slick, inventive piece of one-act theater with a historical theme that seems to be all too relevant to today’s current events....‘The Royale’ proves to be about how small actions by one person can have rippling effects for all people of the same skin color. This is a message and theme that seems to be all too relevant over one hundred years after when the events of the play take place." Full Review

The Judas Kiss
The Knockturnal

"Everett is so downright wonderful, with a witty delivery that feels utterly authentic, that it is impossible for even a moment to doubt that he is the living incarnation of Wilde himself...Hare’s writing and Armfield’s direction keep the dramatic tension high, but also maintain enough comic moments and witticisms to make the heartbreaking moments even more biting." Full Review