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An Unbalanced Mind
Midtown W
Must see, Funny, Great singing, Entertaining, Delightful
August 5th, 2022

See it if U want to have a pure entertaining musical revue. You love beautiful music, clear sensible lyrics, outstanding singing & dancing. A delight!

Don't see it if U are looking for excess from a multi million dollar Bway production with all the gimmicks & a rock star name! This is a true talent show.

Also This is a must see musical revue delight to sooth any stress away. The... Read more Read less

The Jerry Duncan Show
West Village
Great writing, Original concept, Great directing & staging, Funny
March 10th, 2020

See it if U want to see an out of the box original concept in a comedy play. U enjoy poking fun at politics because real politics is such a sad state

Don't see it if U have no humor & you don’t follow current news. You only like Bway musicals or classics. Try this show & just get a delightful surprise.

Also Bravo to writer Dean B. Kaner for originating The Jerry Duncan Radio S... Read more Read less

Sister Calling My Name
East Village
Masterful, Great writing, Great acting, Conscience calling names !, A moral compass!
February 14th, 2020

See it if U want to see work from the heart & soul that’ll engage your sensitivity completely! No score is high enough for this priceless gem! Go see!

Don't see it if U scoff at religion/faith & think U know all about love & caring when U have never experience it on a higher level.. Maybe U should see it..

Also Hats off to Buzz MacLaughlin for a heart & soul wrenching script that ... Read more Read less

A Peregrine Falls
East Village
Clever, Absorbing, Great staging, Great writing, Great acting
February 13th, 2020

See it if If U want to see a well honed script crafted into a play with substance & great acting. The clever presentation keeps audience captivated.

Don't see it if U want a fluffy mindless show or musical. I highly recommend this play for fans of theatrical drama & to those who appreciate fine acting.

Also This is a well thought out script that cleverly uses a charming funny ... Read more Read less

Absurdist fantasy, Good direction, Original, Quirky, Funny
January 21st, 2020

See it if U like British style comical play that is meant to be bizarre, absurd, & silly fun fantasy. The script is very original & direction good.

Don't see it if U dislike farce over the top zany plot. U don’t like slightly outdated British humor or loud noises. It is worth seeing just for originality

Also This is a creative original script with premise of the anticipated res... Read more Read less

Hooked to happiness after seeing this!, Inspirational message, Tuneful music & good musicianship, Resonant, Delightful
November 24th, 2019

See it if U are open minded & open hearted to global warming & to young new talent. U like delightful original music, cute songs, & be entertainEd.

Don't see it if U expect a Hal Prince production. This is still green young cast & tiny budget project but sincere & has a great message we all need to hear

Also This is a refreshing delightful musical that I will not review by clas... Read more Read less

A Life In The Rye
East Village
Great directing!, Great writing, Great staging, Clever, Great acting
November 23rd, 2019

See it if U are fascinated in lifting the veil of mystery from one of America’s most influential writers & super private celebrity. Erudite research.

Don't see it if U r not fan of literary figures & prefer light entertainment. U like straight & narrow linear storytelling without time & dual role switches

Also The script is well written & material well researched given the fact t... Read more Read less

The Whites
East Village
Unfortunately hypocritical!, Thought-provoking, Disappointing, Cliched, Clever
November 18th, 2019

See it if U want to see a clever new way of telling the race conflict in America. It is the typical stereotype story with no new content.

Don't see it if U r tired of similar race themed plays or are uncomfortable with such discussions. U prefer light entertainment.

Also First, it is very clever to have race reversal where Blacks are played... Read more Read less

Molly Sweeney
Midtown W
Masterful, Great writing, Intelligent, Great acting, Absorbing
November 18th, 2019

See it if U appreciate the great master storyteller Brian Friel & his always riveting characters. U are a fan of Keen Company’s impeccable works.

Don't see it if U dislike heavy literate works filled with dated yet artful words. U prefer fluffy rather than intellectual dramatic. U are impatient.

Also This 3 character monologue narrative is admirably & professionally del... Read more Read less

Beautiful music but not enough to make a play!
November 18th, 2019

See it if U want to hear beautiful haunting music created by Aaron Collier & Jacques Mindreau. It will make you believe in beauty no matter what/where

Don't see it if U expect a fully developed story because it is just a solo actor recounting a chance meeting with a ordinary war vet/janitor & a concert.

Also This story is merely a fragment of a potentially possible full story. ... Read more Read less

Disappointing, Indulgent, Excruciating, Overrated, Great acting
November 18th, 2019

See it if U are willing to give The Irish Rep another chance with their weakest area-modern Irish plays. They always do well with old plays, not new!

Don't see it if U are not ready to see a long winded play that needs a total rework. U can’t understand heavy Irish accents especially in fast talk.

Also The advertising deets sound way better than the real play. It is anoth... Read more Read less

An Enchanted April
Midtown W
Relaxing to watch!, Entertaining, Great staging, Great singing, Delightful
November 17th, 2019

See it if U are pining for an old fashioned entertaining musical/operetta that is relaxing to watch & brings you back to more gracious & elegant times

Don't see it if U are not into singing narratives or pleasant elegant beautiful music that soothes the soul. No rock or profanity here, thank goodness!

Also At long last, what a treat to see real musical theater in the form of ... Read more Read less

Off the charts great entertainment, Funny, Great acting, Great staging, Edgy
May 3rd, 2019

See it if For people who want to be entertained, thrilled & excited by unusual plays that deal with paranormal phenomena & human psyche. Funny. Moving

Don't see it if U hate fun. U have no humor. U judge smaller budget plays by snobbish Broadway standards or by phony supercilious pro theater critic’s view.

Also The Paranormal Brothers is OMG off the charts entertainment! If you si... Read more Read less

Realistic, Funny, Clever, Absorbing, Great acting
April 29th, 2019

See it if U enjoy dramas that reflect real life issues about aging but has humor, action, & subplot to make it interesting. You like great acting.

Don't see it if Not for people who have no heart, no patience, or no appreciation of the elderly & their realistic issues of aging. This is for drama fans.

Also This is one of the best plays I have seen in 2019 season. The script i... Read more Read less

The Bohemians
East Village
Hilarious, Great acting, Great writing, Focused direction, Effective set & staging
December 9th, 2018

See it if U want to see a fast paced linear hilarious comedy with perfectly casted actors. U like Claude Solnick’s plays & this one is the best so far

Don't see it if U dislike comedy. U expect play to have a social or historical comment like a few of Solnick’s past works.This one breaks the mold. Funny!

Also I saw the 1st show & was highly impressed by the polished quality.... Read more Read less

Zombie Asian Moms
East Village
Entertaining, Funny, Edgy, Original, Blazing a trail for asian american artists & promoting healthy racial conversation,
December 4th, 2018

See it if U want to laugh & have a good time, U are open minded about learning about growing up in other ethnic cultures via humor. U like fun parody.

Don't see it if U dislike comedy. U don’t care about other cultures except your own. U view Asian artists as unacceptable for mainstream & marginal.

Also If U don’t get the title, “Zombie Asian Moms” from the beginning when ... Read more Read less

Ordinary Days
Midtown W
Not ordinary but extrodinary!, Contemporary, Entertaining, Great cast & team, Must see
November 11th, 2018

See it if U want to see realistic portrait of NY life about ordinary people in an uplifting musical that is superbly acted, sung, directed & supported

Don't see it if If U are not a musical fan. U want lavish productions. However, U must see this if U value entertainment & talent. Keen Company delivers!

Also This show aces great musical theater in its polished simplicity delive... Read more Read less

American Tranquility
East Village
Entertaining, Funny, Great acting, Relevant, Thought-provoking
November 4th, 2018

See it if U want to be captivated by a 1st rate solo act that is well written & superbly acted & relevant to current America. Has solid humor to boot!

Don't see it if Close minded extremist on either side of social, political, & cultural spectrum unwilling to respect different points of view. Have no humor

Also I see 2-4 performance events a week but even though many are good, I h... Read more Read less

A Walk on the Beach
East Village
Great writing, Great staging, Great acting, Riveting, Refreshing
July 11th, 2018

See it if U are fascinated by JFK/Kennedys in a new take from an artistic angle mix with controversy & spiritual inquiries that makes a good drama.

Don't see it if U have no imagination about art as a creative & soul searching process that can go beyond stoic factual realm. U want fancy set with budget.

Also What is riveting about Claude Solnick's fine scripts is the. consisten... Read more Read less

Single Rider
Greenwich V
Delightful, Entertaining, Great creative team, Feel good show, So on target!
June 11th, 2018

See it if U want to forget everything negative & see a musical that will bring you to a happier place feeling good long after U leave the theater!

Don't see it if If U don't have the open mind & wisdom of a real theater fan to take a chance on a smaller budget work & new talent! U are missing out! Go!

Also The greatest pleasure of a seasoned theater enthusiast is discovering ... Read more Read less

Grace is Good
East Village
Ambitious, Great writing, Relevant, Intelligent, Provokes thought & talk
June 9th, 2018

See it if U want an intelligent story about work relationship issues relevant to the #metoo hot topic. U want to see talent with small budget.

Don't see it if U ignorantly judge play quality not by content but by theater neighborhood, theater size, lavish sets, & comfy seats. Judge by work quality!

Also It is refreshing to see a play that is relevant to current topic but d... Read more Read less

A Punk or a Gentleman
East Village
Relevant, Great writing, Thought provoking, Enthusiastic acting, Dark comedy
May 12th, 2018

See it if U want to see a rarely done universal topic of domestic violence vs. males using a story angle from African American culture to widen lens.

Don't see it if U are uncomfortable with subject of abuse. U are sensitive or offended by Black women roles that portray aggression & violence. U want Bway.

Also A high score is given because play highlights socially relevant issue ... Read more Read less

During previews
Midtown W
Hilarious!!!, Entertaining, Great acting, Thought-provoking, Must see
April 9th, 2018

See it if U love hilarious comedy especially mobster related. U like The Sopranos, Shut Up, Sit Down, & Eat, Tony & Tina's Wedding, & Shear Madness.

Don't see it if U can't appreciate satire, spoof or parody type of comedy. (Despite the raw surface humor, the play has nuances of deeper messages.) Go see

Also Like a drumroll this show starts with great cool music & actor Louis G... Read more Read less

A Soldier's Play
East Village
Must see, Riveting, Thought-provoking, Great creatives & cast!, Powerful theater!
February 19th, 2018

See it if U appreciate 1st rate drama from Pulitzer winning playwright, seasoned Direction, passionate cast & talented support team in an A+ revival.

Don't see it if U prefer fluffy shows. U can't deal with racial & segregation facts in American history. U dislike period plays. This one is worth seeing!

Also This is a must see acclaimed theatrical gen in a great revival done wi... Read more Read less

One Drop
East Village
Great writing, Relevant, Riveting, Great music & band, Educational/inspirational
February 11th, 2018

See it if U are interested in shameful American history of slavery & discrimination. U like folk opera about love & hope;enjoy overcoming odds.

Don't see it if U can't deal with topics of slavery & discrimination. U can't appreciate early African American music. It's a good play. Go .

Also An educational play fitting for Black History Month to remind us of th... Read more Read less

Bar Mitzvah Boy
Midtown E
Disappointing, Hurtful!, Dated shallow script, Use better judgement & remove offensive racial slurs!, Minor music!
February 11th, 2018

See it if U are friends/family/associates of this work. U are okay with mediocre script, forgettable music, stereotype roles & senseless racial slurs.

Don't see it if U value respect for people of all backgrounds. U believe God is about love & theater & artists should promote tolerance & healing NOT hate.

Also I saw the preview & was disappointed this mediocre revival play even w... Read more Read less

Mother Lode
Great acting, Resonant, Riveting, Funny, Great writing & directing
February 7th, 2018

See it if U want a real story about life, family, & caregiving that will resonate with anyone who have cared for a loved one. Superb script & acting.

Don't see it if U can't deal with aging, family duty, & have no empathy for the elderly & caregivers. This play will make you compassionate & human again.

Also I am SO impressed with Off The Wall Productions (Carnegie Stage, Pa.) ... Read more Read less

Greenwich V
Great acting, Great writing, Masterful, Must see, Substance & content!
January 28th, 2018

See it if U want to be excited by excellent theater again! U want a brilliant script that is relevant & well directed with A+ acting.

Don't see it if U are afraid of religious & racial topics, dislike using your mind & heart to absorb serious drama. U want silly frivolous entertainment.

Also A Brilliant Star on the horizon: brilliant playwright Steven McCasland... Read more Read less

Funny, Thought-provoking, Delightful, Stories from the heart, Sentiments from the soul
January 22nd, 2018

See it if U want to see a charming actor/writer in a GOOD solo comedy show that echoes heart & soul sentiments about being of Sicilian heritage & MORE

Don't see it if U are adverse to solo acts. U want grand Bway sets. This show is funny but has big range & this actor is engaging & likeable. Go see at once

Also I enter the artistically prominent 13th St. Repertory Theater thinking... Read more Read less

During previews
Great acting, Great writing, Must see, Riveting, Relevant
January 21st, 2018

See it if U like flowing dramatic plays with layers of plot, intrigue, secrets, & relationship issues. This one deals with online social media dangers

Don't see it if U are not interested in family dramas & teenagers playing with online chats. U prefer comedy or musicals.

Also This is a must see modern melodrama with superb script highlighting th... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Great writing, Intelligent, Great staging, Resonant
January 21st, 2018

See it if U like current events relating to politics & media news in the form of a light hearted musical with good writing, acting,music.& staging.

Don't see it if U are a hard nose Republican or Trump supporter. Regardless of political leanings, this is a polished good musical comedy that entertains.

Also I find this show excellent & enjoyed it. It's core story about a since... Read more Read less

Disco Pigs
Disappointing, Dizzying, Excruciating, Pointless revival, Alienates audience
January 17th, 2018

See it if U are friends/family of show's team. U are so bloody bored that U will see a pointless play that you can't understand the spoken words!

Don't see it if U want to understand anything. U value your time & U don't want to get dizzy & tired from the crazy hyper physical energy wasted on stage.

Also I am shocked that The Irish Rep will put on such a low quality intelli... Read more Read less

Winter Wonderland
East Village
Great writing, Refreshing, Ambitious, Great acting, Needs refinement
December 9th, 2017

See it if U want to see an unusual original script with great ideas & a cast that is mostly good. Be tolerant of early performance flaws, Needs Rework

Don't see it if U do not like religious & moral elements in a play. U can't follow back & forth time switches. U have no patience for frequent set changes.

Also Acting good especially the kids. A beautiful script with tangent story... Read more Read less

Who's Holiday!
Midtown W
Cliched, Quirky, Cheap humor, Great stage set, Disappointing
December 5th, 2017

See it if U want anything with a holiday theme title. U want to see a loosely based Grinch absurdist story with adult contents. Not for under 17!

Don't see it if U expect quality & class for a holiday show. It is also not a complete comedy for there is a dark undertone that is incongruent to "joy"!

Also The bright Stage Set is great!This is a quirky weird so-called comedy ... Read more Read less

Slow, Cliched, Indulgent, Has a message but play needs rework!
December 5th, 2017

See it if U like sad love stories that have been done a zillion times. U can relate to grief & regret. U have incredible patience for the first 30 min

Don't see it if This is not a joyful holiday show & has a sad ending. Actress gushes boring details for 30 minutes before drama sets in. Needs Rework!

Also This is a play with good intention but terribly executed from script, ... Read more Read less

During previews
East Village
Great staging, Intelligent, Relevant, Thought-provoking, A conscience awakening journey!
November 18th, 2017

See it if U are interested in the history of American West expansion told by Buffalo Bill Cody in a mythologized show with Indian ghosts giving facts.

Don't see it if U eschew subjects of American greed/arrogant power/violation of human rights causing tragic tolls & fail to see metaphor to present crisis.

Also Bravo to Director Alex Roe for reviving the ever resonant & relevant p... Read more Read less

During previews
A Deal
Absorbing, Great acting, Great writing, Relevant, Must see
November 16th, 2017

See it if U are interested in understanding the reality of an evolved modern China & its citizens in a nexus of issues & relationships to America.

Don't see it if U are close minded about all things foreign & don't desire to learn from other realistic perspectives about nationalism, culture, & family.

Also This is a brilliantly written dark comedy that is both enlightening & ... Read more Read less

I Of the Storm
West Village
Absorbing, Ambitious, Masterful, Hallmark performance!, Great direction & staging
October 25th, 2017

See it if U want to see a very original script full of intelligent insight into life & the world with epic performance, great Direction, & staging.

Don't see it if U do not like poetry, philosophical commentary, or solo shows. U rather not ponder & just want fluffy entertainment.

Also A masterful show about 1 man's experience from a successful life struc... Read more Read less

The Show-Off
Midtown W
Delightful, Funny, Great acting, Resonant, Good directing, stage design, & costumes
October 16th, 2017

See it if Love satire/comedy with good dialogues & distinct characters portrayed by good cast. Like old American plays with good period set & costumes

Don't see it if U don't like revival of dated period defined plays because U unfairly judge them with today's perspective without appreciating their value.

Also Peccadillo Theater Company does not disappoint with the revival of Ame... Read more Read less

During previews
Midtown W
Funny, Relevant, Thought-provoking, Fair first playwriting, Needs rework to decide track
October 14th, 2017

See it if U love Lisa Lampanelli & want to see her & 3 other ladies in a first time play written by Lisa about women's relationship with food.

Don't see it if U expect usual Stand Up Comedy routine or Lisa in a solo performance. U are tired of food & weight issues & not ready for 90 minutes of it.

Also Lisa did a fair job as a 1st time playwright with the subject of food,... Read more Read less

Mesquite, NV
Midtown W
Clever, Funny, Great acting, Great writing, Great directing & staging
October 9th, 2017

See it if U appreciate a well crafted script about politics that is enhanced by great Directing & creative staging A talented cast brings it to life.

Don't see it if U dislike subject of politics. U prefer straight drama; this has humor galore. U prefer Bway sets; this is low budget but so creative.

Also Leegrid Stevens wrote an exceptionally intelligent script exploring Am... Read more Read less

During previews
Cliched, Disappointing, Overrated, Credit for energy & pretty costumes, Narcissistic showcase rather than a developed play
October 7th, 2017

See it if U are friends/family of the show's team. See 2 energetic twins sing & dance wearing nice costumes in a tired tale that failed to impress.

Don't see it if U expect innovative ideas because except for a surprise unintended comical spin of roller skating , there's no fresh take on creativity.

Also This show said it all within the first 20 minutes about twin sister va... Read more Read less

During previews
The Home Place
Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Dated, Good acting although uneven, Relevant to current republican socio-economic eugenic health reform bills to exploit & degrade seniors & the poor!
October 2nd, 2017

See it if U want a straight Brian Friel play (not his best) without updated enhancements to smooth rough edges or breathe fresh air into a dated play.

Don't see it if U dislike plays with old fashioned educated style dialogue or difficulty hearing English & Irish accents. U know nothing about Irish history

Also Play used Irish history of early agrarian reform to contrast the socio... Read more Read less

Up the Rabbit Hole
East Village
Relevant, Great acting, Great writing, Thought-provoking, Realistic
September 30th, 2017

See it if U want a realistic drama that includes subjects of identity, substance abuse, sexual content. adoption, maternal emotions, & queer life.

Don't see it if If you are not mature enough to see realistic depictions of drug abuse, sexual & nudity content or are uncomfortable with queer topics.

Also A relevant play that shows the raw reality of substance abuse which we... Read more Read less

For a previous production
Desperate Measures
Midtown W
Delightful, Funny, Great staging, Great singing/acting/creative team!, Perfectly polished--flawless!
September 24th, 2017

See it if A Must See! Easily the BEST musical I have seen in 2017 equal to Cagney which also began at awesome York Theater. Shakespeare will like this

Don't see it if U do not like modern fun adaptations of classic Shakespeare work (Measure For Measure) turned into a Western musical comedy. U must see this

Also When the team consist of passionate perfectionist talents like David F... Read more Read less

The Violin
Midtown E
Great acting, Must see, Intense, Ihighlights disability compassionately!, Good original script!
September 22nd, 2017

See it if U want an unusual original play that has something to say about life choices with the finest acting & compassion for the mentally disabled.

Don't see it if U want a quick play that offers a simple story without finesse simply to cater to short attention spans. U can't appreciate dialogue.

Also A creative linear story with wonderful layers of plots & twists that m... Read more Read less

Funny, Entertaining, Thought-provoking, Relevant, Masterful
September 17th, 2017

See it if U like fun & are open minded to see what else Michael Moore can do on a Bway stage that is not his usual turf. U can respect different views

Don't see it if U cannot tolerate the right to free speech & different political viewpoints but this show has so much more interesting entertainment.

Also Regardless of political leaning, many will agree that Michael Moore ca... Read more Read less

During previews
Ambitious, Enchanting, Poetic beauty!, Lovely choreography!, Good standard english adaptation of a classic!
September 15th, 2017

See it if If U like great ancient classics from other cultures & willing to accept their unique difference from Western style. U adore romance.

Don't see it if U are set to limit your intellectual, artistic & literary range to just Western styles of entertainment. U cannot appreciate poetry & beauty

Also This is an ambitious standard English adaptation of a Tang Dynasty Chi... Read more Read less

Loveless Texas
East Village
Needs editing!, Terrible miscasting!, Needs speech coach!, Delightful idea!, Uneven quality throughout!
September 9th, 2017

See it if U like original country music & an old fashioned wholesome show in a modern adaptation of Love's Labor Lost. U know it needs major rework.

Don't see it if U have no patience for overlong scenes & lengthy lyrics that are boring. Hate unclear enunciation of dialogue & mumbled lyrics or Miscasting

Also This show is a creative delightful Idea but is ruined & pulled down in... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Funny, Great acting, Great writing, Riveting
September 5th, 2017

See it if U like good storytelling by a good writer & can enjoy a solo versatile believable actor who portrays all the characters in this play.

Don't see it if If U are not keen on one actor plays. U are not interested in Puertp Rican related stories or the Bronx. U prefer changing stage sets.

Also This is an entertaining show featuring one actor as the narrator/all c... Read more Read less