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A Sherlock Carol
Midtown W
Delightful, Great acting, Funny, Clever

See it if you like mysteries in general, Mr. Holmes in particular, and Dickensian ghosts. This is fun. I can see it becoming a "annual" production

Don't see it if you put up with Holmes to get to Dr. Watson, or if you're going to overanalyze every Sherlock and Carol reference

Thought-provoking, Intense, Great writing, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if you are open to looking at your view of the world through a new lens. Also if you appreciate a great ensemble cast.

Don't see it if you will be worrying about whether this is innovative for 2022. (This performance of the play is as written in 1955.)

Interesting, Dizzying, Quirky, Great staging

See it if you appreciate innovative lighting and stage effects. Also, the Grant/Leach tap number is almost worth attendance.

Don't see it if you're expecting comedy. Or if you don't appreciate a lighter side of drug use.

The Visitor
East Village
Great music, Entertaining, Romantic, Thought-provoking

See it if you like stories based on contemporary issues. The drum circle was the musical apex.

Don't see it if you're expecting songs you'll be singing for days or any other staples of "big" musicals

Discomfiting, Great acting, Relevant, Edgy, Thought-provoking

See it if You like to see stereotypes challenged. You appreciate where new voices can take the theater.

Don't see it if You don’t like to hear cursing and the N-word. You’re not comfortable being uncomfortable.

Pointless, Relevant, Disappointing, Effective staging

See it if you're a big history buff or if you're already familiar with the story.

Don't see it if you're looking for fun

Linda Vista
Midtown W
Clever, Great acting, Entertaining, Thought-provoking, Funny

See it if You like to laugh and your cultural frame of reference is 1980s to 1990s. Also if you appreciate the different ways men and women interact.

Don't see it if You are uncomfortable with casual nudity and sex or if you like your comedies to stay ‘happy.’

Cyrano (NJ)
Red Bank
Entertaining, Intelligent, Funny, Great acting, Refreshing

See it if You enjoy the classics with minimal updating. Also if you like comedy and swordplay.

Don't see it if You want a modernization to today or if you hate costumed pieces

Also Must say, I was a bit annoyed about the ‘intro gimmick.’ Why not say y... Read more Read less

Proof of Love
West Village
Relatable, Great acting, Funny, Intelligent, Clever

See it if you're experienced enough to like to laugh at the challenges life throws everyday--especially when thrown at someone else.

Don't see it if you don't like one-actor shows. And you may want to skip it if you have a loved one in the hospital.

Friendly’s Fire
East Village
Weird, Dark, Relevant, Quirky, Intense

See it if you appreciate dream sequences, dark memories, and drug trips.

Don't see it if you want everything to make sense.

The Day I Became Black
Unique, Relevant, Edgy, Funny, Thought-provoking

See it if you remember the Eighties, you like to laugh, and you're willing to be pushed to rethink your views.

Don't see it if you don't like one-man shows or if you're squeamish about frank discussions of racism and individuality.

Historical, Informative, Slow, Funny, Great acting

See it if you like Emily Dickinson, or if you're open to learning a bit about her life and her words.

Don't see it if you don't like 1-person shows or you're hoping for lots of her poetry.

Energetic, Relevant, Entertaining, Clever, Innovative

See it if you like something a little bit different, that recounts first-person vignettes of what it's like to travel the world in the last 40 years.

Don't see it if you're expecting big sets and scenes, you don't like one-man shows, or you don't know (or care) much about geography.

Midtown W
Absorbing, Intense, Physical, Enlightening, Fun

See it if you enjoy participation and you like to pull back the curtain. Teacher keeps everything light but safe. Want to "fight" with sister now.

Don't see it if you like to maintain the illusion. And don't go if you're unable to participate. You can still learn, but it could be hard to sit it out.

The Fourth Wall
Midtown W
Dated, Slow, Confusing, Singing, Psychological

See it if you like to have something to discuss for the rest of the night. Also, if you like open (no-borders) casting.

Don't see it if you like a play that is easily categorized and easy to follow.

Drunk Shakespeare
Midtown W
Ambitious, Entertaining, Quirky, Hilarious, Slurred

See it if You want to see some Shakespeare, but with a drink in front of you--and maybe some other distractions

Don't see it if You take your life--and your Shakespeare--very seriously. OR, if you only care about the "Drunk" part; the Shakespeare is real.

Eye-opening, Relevant, Ambitious, Intelligent, Great acting

See it if You want to expose yourself to a different perspective on living as a deaf person. (I write this as a hearing person) You study ASL

Don't see it if You don't like a lot of talking. It's a lot of talking--and mostly a single audible voice.

Dyin' For It
Clever, Funny, Great staging, Edgy, Indulgent

See it if you can appreciate a joke; you're open to creative solutions

Don't see it if you're squeamish about death

Also Great small theater space. ... Read more Read less

Butterside Down
West Village
Uneven, Disappointing, Great acting, Confusing, Not engaging

See it if you appreciate good acting without too much emphasis on plot

Don't see it if you only see a few plays each year. May not be the best choice if you've recently experienced the loss of a close friend or family member.

Also The play is uneven. Early promises of comedy are not fulfilled, though... Read more Read less

20th Century Blues
Midtown W
Relevant, Absorbing, Entertaining, Great acting, Thought-provoking

See it if you like to discuss more than the production value over your glass of wine

Don't see it if You can’t relate to long-term friends who can call you out when you’re wrong

Funny, Clever, Ambitious, Entertaining, Realistic

See it if You like to have fun, you’re open to other people having fun, and you remember the Nineties

Don't see it if You have a lot of hang ups or if you don’t have any imagination