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Theatre is Easy

"The overall tone of the show is silly, lighthearted, and amusing...The music is fun and enjoyable without being memorable...The concept has great potential, but the execution is uninspired and disappointing...'Money Talks' has strong performances and a lot of heart...But overall the production falls flat. Much of the humor feels clichéd and oversimplified, and the characters are so one-dimensional that there is little to invest in." Full Review

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Theatre is Easy

"The use of the space is well thought out and allows for a seamless and unencumbered telling of the story. Yet the story itself is a bit scattered...While the show attempts to incorporate an abundance of ideas and goes in many directions, it does not fully commit to any single choice...Overall, I enjoyed the show. The actors are lively, engaging and charismatic...But in the end I wanted a stronger emotional attachment to the characters and their lives." Full Review

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Theatre is Easy

"Hilarious and heart-wrenching...Christine Renee Miller, the author and performer, is charming, witty, and exuberant...Miller's writing has the perfect balance of humor and depth, all rooted in a strong sense of truth. Miller’s experiences are unique and yet entirely relatable. The humor is unforced, and her comfort on stage is apparent from the first moment...Miller is stunningly believable...It's a beautiful story told by a magnificent actress, and a piece that I am unlikely to forget." Full Review

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Theatre is Easy

“While the concept and stated intentions of writer-director Elena Zucker's play are intriguing, the through line and main theme are lost in the wide-ranging, surreal, and disconnected places that the character goes. There are entire intense, emotionally charged monologues that I struggled to find relevance and meaning in. At times, seeing ‘Thread’ is like watching a person relive a dream...Despite the confusion that ‘Thread’ can produce, Ipp’s performance is interesting and committed.” Full Review

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Theatre is Easy

"Jacobson's writing is excellent. The two female lead characters are complex, unique, and fully fleshed-out; their interactions are engaging and sincere. D’Angelo and Sandberg give truthful, nonjudgmental performances that never seem cliché or formulaic...A distracting and unnecessary element is the constant changing of scenery...A timely piece of theater that dives into the extremes of emotions and perceptions that seem inherently universal." Full Review

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Theatre is Easy

“Well written, with dark comedy, intense drama, and an intriguing plot arc…The main characters are complex and believable, with deep inner lives. The peripheral characters are less developed, occasionally falling into the realm of cliché. But overall the play keeps the audience captivated—that is, until the tension-filled climax resolves with a less than believable feel-good ending…Still, 'Rare Birds' checks off many of the boxes of a great play...A memorable emotional journey.” Full Review

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Theatre is Easy

"The actors are fearless, and make great use of verbal and physical comedy in every scene. The dialogue, however, can be quite dense, so I fear that many of the nuances and specific details are lost on the audience. It seems to me that Malin is incredibly passionate about this rich history. However, the result is too much information crammed into a one-hour performance, and I am unclear what overall message he wants the audience to leave with." Full Review

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“The music by M. Scott McLean and Michael McLean is high energy, fun, and memorable - you’re guaranteed to walk away with a song or two playing in your head...The dialogue and lyrics are more on the sophisticated side for children’s theater, making this show perhaps better suited to ages eight and older...A wonderful family show with great messages of love and the spirit of giving that parents will enjoy just as much as their children..” Full Review