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During previews
Cliched, Absorbing, Good writing, Uneven
December 4th, 2022

See it if you know the ins and out of NYC living including Rent stabilized apts, NYPD activities, Giuliani time etc...acting is decent, writing too.

Don't see it if you dont like to see violence depicted and foul language used

Great musical interludes (wanted more of them!), Creative use of modern day technology (at the end), Didactic at times - one may tune out, Naughty (funny) bits abound, Irreverent
November 28th, 2022

See it if creative script with music and all female cast dissecting the patriarchy

Don't see it if alternative theater pieces are not your thing

During previews
Clever, One of the best shows ive seen this season, In your face/push button themes, Comedic sketches with tony kushner-esque strokes, Super talented cast
November 28th, 2022

See it if you want to see an excellent cast deliver a smart piece of theater that pushes major buttons in a comedic way about Black America.

Don't see it if you may be disturbed by over the top bad language.

During previews
Needs intermission onslaught of songs needs pacing, Some fantastic dancing., Go for the great music and fine band, Tin pan alley greatness on display, Entertaining
November 26th, 2022

See it if love Hoagy Carmichaels great tunes with some splashy dancing thrown in.

Don't see it if u perhaps feel that TinPanAlley songs r dated. Level of dancing is uneven, some great, some less than, also diction 4 some singers an issue.

The Rat Trap
Midtown W
Noel coward's writing shines, Hard 2 understand actors at times, Acting is hit and miss, Entertaining
November 26th, 2022

See it if you appreciate Noel Coward's writing and a British styled living room drama.

Don't see it if bothered by lack of British sensibility by some (not all) of the actors, under directed at times.

My Broken Language
Midtown W
Cliched, Entertaining
November 21st, 2022

See it if Colorful language, slice of life experiences from hispanic point of view.

Don't see it if Hit and miss performances, meanders a bit.

Bold, Confusing, Absorbing
November 20th, 2022

See it if you like lots of plot twists, a solo evening full to the brim with sex, drugs and murder.

Don't see it if a solo performance shows lots of seams with character transitions, not subtle character takes, and seemingly overly long.

1776 (Broadway)
Midtown W
Absorbing, Clever, Entertaining
November 19th, 2022

See it if a unique staging and casting of this classic show is appealing

Don't see it if you are not a musical theater fan.

Confusing, Cliched, Ambitious
November 19th, 2022

See it if the good acting and complex subject matter.

Don't see it if Pedophiles as a subject matter may disturb. I wasn't interested in the premise. At times the comedy and the seriousness at odds.

During previews
November 19th, 2022

See it if Refined young actors who impress. Wonderful use of the stage, well directed.

Don't see it if Theme can be disturbing.