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Nitelife Exchange

"This version makes questionable choices from casting to direction to design. A few of the cast members manage to rise above the confusion and give spot on performances, but sadly not enough to raise the entertainment to a successful level...The first problem is in the casting...Overall, the direction of Lynnea Benson seems much too busy....This 'Twelfth Night' has sporadic charm and humor, but it is an unfortunately uneven holiday." Full Review

Nitelife Exchange

"A joyous and very unexpected production...Cerullo, director and choreographer, has taken the classic show and decked it out in a style that mixes burlesque, musical comedy and drag. The results are surprisingly delightful, perhaps because the underpinnings of the original remain - the tight and funny book...and the delicious score...Cerullo's mix of reverence and free-wheeling invention raises the evening to a raucous new level." Full Review

Cabaret Scenes

for a previous production “America’s favorite Dragappella beauty shop quartet returns with a new show that mixes the traditional with the unexpected. Deeper, more complex and yet riotously funny… Rachel provides the most intense background with a harrowing personal tale of the AIDS crisis in San Francisco…This show is an expert mixture of over-the-top camp and compelling moments. There are ‘things you shouldn’t say,’ but you shouldn’t miss Kinsey Sicks.” Full Review

Nitelife Exchange

"It’s as thrilling as it was last time around...The success of the evening is largely due to director/choreographer Colgan. His work keeps the show moving at a breakneck pace, only slowing down for a few beautifully rendered ballads that anchor the story to reality...Two of the brightest moments in the show come from the comics Lopez and Ogilv...Stephens has ramped up the fun, also devising a beautiful medley of 'Night and Day' and 'All Through the Night' that is immensely touching." Full Review

Power Over POTUS
Midtown W
Nitelife Exchange

"The lively, raucous and ribald theatre piece, created and performed by the versatile Erica Vlahinos, who inhabits all of these lively ladies, is an entertaining romp through sexual history...What is great fun is the choice of the music. Each of the women is well-defined by the song selections...Vlahinos is a confident and clever actress, singer and lyricist...If the show has some flaws, they are clearly outranked by the virtues to be found in the vices of our presidents." Full Review