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"Lacks the focus and purpose that permits each zinger to further escalate the action into childish behavior, and the incoherency of New Light Theater Project’s production seems to take out all the fun...It’s mostly snide without substance...Director Jerry Heymann follows Reza’s instruction of setting somewhat predictably, and doesn’t quite unite the cast under the game Reza is getting at. " Full Review

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"It is does exactly what a satire should. The uncomfortable laughs are balanced with belly laughs, which director Moritz von Stuelpnagel keeps careful track of as the action escalates into chaos...But still, the play gets to us: like our admirably well-intentioned artists, we all want to do better, especially now. But to discover our faults, we must first allow ourselves to sometimes screw up. 'The Thanksgiving Play' gives the characters, and the audience in turn, a safe space to be unsafe." Full Review

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"Its title inspires love, connection, loss, hope, fear: the work itself stirs in its audience all these ideas in the most unrelenting, heart-breaking, and powerful ways until its gut-wrenching conclusion...Lucas puts his characters and his audience through the ringer...Ambitious, but deftly and tactfully explored by this terrific ensemble and director Tyne Rafaeli’s steady direction...Count yourself lucky if you are there to witness its profundity." Full Review

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"Manages to give a loving spotlight to three distinct and smart voices. 'Summer Shorts' binds together the intents and explorations of these playwrights into a succinct 90-minute showcase of what the new generation of writers is capable of. If one theme can be given, it would be this: the voices you don’t often hear, speaking to the issues you thought you knew all about." Full Review

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"The witty dialogue forms the foundation for the relationships, and makes for a compelling way to trace history...The play paints a complex picture of the financial and political price of doing what is right, while creating characters that are quite funny and relatable. A lack of detail on the characters’ pasts or emotional stakes hinders deeper resonance with their stories, and the actors are not given many chances to be vulnerable with each other." Full Review

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“Lloyd’s new comedy (or drama?) is unapologetic in its content, and blunt in its execution, and as a result, falls short of landing with sharp and distinct implication...Lloyd paints these figures in broad strokes...This sometimes causes the play to be performed as an opera: with soaring ambition, along with overwrought melodrama...The contributions of all creative voices...seem to erase nuance...Although the lead-up often struggles to compel, the pay-off is moving.” Full Review

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"As quickly as questions arise in Michael McKeever’s drama, they are shrouded in a plot resembling a procedural Lifetime film, redeemed primarily by the commitment of its cast...Then tragedy strikes. Even if I were to place a spoiler alert here, it wouldn’t weigh on your experience of the play, since the plot takes a sharp turn from here...The conversations at the center shift into a nasty battle of logistics, rather than a revelation of the changes that must be occurring in the characters." Full Review

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"Likely to excite fans of both Chekhov and intimate theater...The story is not one of love forlorn, against the crushing odds of the dangers on the outside. The world created by Bent and director Stephen Kaliski is built with love, a non-threatening retreat where Nadia can contemplate and decide...The sincerity Nadia exudes makes it impossible to judge her, and Bent so skillfully tickles the audience with her witty banter. It’s irresistible, and poignant exactly where it needs to be." Full Review

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"Neither the dancing nor the text seems to complement the other, except in a few cohesive moments. The intellectualism from the speaker takes time to digest, and the modern expression from the dancers deserves it own spotlight...The forms rarely meld together, and they are not held together by a unified expression or a concrete story. An audience may be left wondering about the roles they played with each other, but will not likely be moved by the work done on either side." Full Review