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Act one: rousing, hard driving musical entertainment / act two: off-track and deflating

See it if For one act, this is a top of the line, biographical "jukebox" musicals, in storytelling, music and performance.

Don't see it if If you so hate classic Motown that you never want to hear "My Girl" again.

Also I want to make it clear that the first act is so super entertaining th... Read more Read less

Superlative production (acting, directing,scenery, lighting, sound design) of martin mcdonagh's visceral new thriller

See it if if you want to see a major new play by one of the very best and most powerful English playwrights.

Don't see it if a viscerally powerful, dark very adult play, is anathema to you however excellent it may be..

Also this splendid, main stem sized production of the Royal Court Theatre i... Read more Read less

Pallid, filler-filled, visionless cash grab

See it if you have spoiled, bratty children who will not give you any peace until you take them to see it & you have money to burn.

Don't see it if You have access to YouTube and can see any of the videos of the brighter, better looking, far superior California Park stage version

Also Mostly filler material that includes a ghastly song and dance bump and... Read more Read less

During previews
Quirky, inventive and vivid family reunion with heart and humor

See it if it will satisfy both those who seek easily accessible, heart-warming theatre, as well as those who prefer quirky, challenging originality.

Don't see it if If you enjoy plays, there is no discernable reason this one should not hold a place on your want-to-see list.

Also Its description made this play, concerning the histories of a woman wi... Read more Read less

Sit-com/sketch comedy riff on classic ibsen

See it if a slight, albeit extended, SNL sketch with contemporary humor, pseudo profundities, and frequent F-bombs for shock laughs is for you.

Don't see it if If you wish to see a credible Nora. This is not a sequel to A Doll's Life, but a thin take-off on it. Modernizing Nora kills link to Ibsen.

Also Awards, rave reviews, and, even, the classy, expensive ad campaign had... Read more Read less

High spirited mash-up of commedia dell'arte style, dance, poetry, jazz, camp and farce with a satisfying stinger in its tail/tale

See it if for the delightful over the top ragtag ebullience that can best be captured and appreciated at the Fringe & Kevin P. Joyce's witty poetry.

Don't see it if neatness & formality are required. Although Xavier Reminick and Ben Dawson are terrific in the lead male roles, the performances are uneven

Largely, this is superlative, intelligent musical theatre with a witty and moving, brilliantly constructed score. excellent performances and direction.

See it if you have any appreciation for rarefied, stirring musical theatre that combines humor and heart

Don't see it if It's too late to see its limited performances, but, happily, you can listen to its score by accessing "Disney Ashman Demos" on You Tube.

Sense & Sensibility
West Village
Hilariously inventive, Delightfully entertaining joyride

See it if Brilliantly written, acted and staged. Magically, it is both intimate and expansive; and wildly hilarious while being faithful to the novel

Don't see it if you feel a fast moving, densely jam packed evening of witty, sophisticated theatre is more than you wish to handle.

Classic golden age musical, Lovingly reimagined

See it if it is a richly entertaining and moving classic American musical thoughtfully & successfully reimagined to emphasize its humanistic qualities

Don't see it if <i>Fiddler on the Roof</i> is anathema to you. ("Sounds crazy, No?")

Odd duck combination of a play and opera recital fascinates

See it if you seek poetic dialogue, an ode to love of music, an unusually structured story, lovely opera singing and top notch acting by Mark Rylance.

Don't see it if you don't appreciate quiet, cerebral plays that require strong concentration in order to achieve absorption into a classic setting.

Irresistible, las vegas lavish, exuberant musical revue for children (and adults, too)

See it if For Pure Ebullient Entertainment; Bright and Brilliant, Over the Top Scenery and Lighting Design, and a Delightful Cast.

Don't see it if you are immune to pure fluff.even at its best. Yet, this show is hard to resist, especially as its joys pile up and expand in Act II

Preachy polemics mar deeply felt, intimate canadian immigration klezmer musical

See it if you want to see a lively, moving and entertaining folk tale style Klezmer musical about Eastern European Jewish immigrants to 1902 Canada.

Don't see it if you cannot get by the sacrifice of nuance and cohesion by polemics re:immigration policy, not germane to the situation on stage.

Also The plight of refugees in our war torn world is dire on a massive scal... Read more Read less

Thoughtful vaudeville-style review/revue

See it if you want to learn about or could use a refresher course on the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan & Elijah Muhammad.

Don't see it if Despite some sharp, thoughtful writing, excellent cast and lively production, hopscotching scenes lack connective tissue and momentum.

Also I was glad that I saw this play as it reminded me of much that I had f... Read more Read less

During previews
Midtown E
Hershey felder as leonard bernstein: superior one-man musical and dramatic tour de force

See it if for classical music and trad B'way music of the highest order, and honest, involving biographical drama.

Don't see it if hate classical music (which does predominate). Would be severely off-put by self justification for cruel behavior offered by Felder's LB.

Also Not as intoxicating as when performed at Town Hall (2015). Why? Possib... Read more Read less

Brilliantly imaginative two hander linking disparate victims of terrorist kidnappings

See it if You seek creative, richly imaginative, stunnigly well acted, original drama that is both intellectually stimulating & emotionally involving

Don't see it if you prefer to avoid a discomforting immersion into pain & fear. Still author Cassie Seinuk's brilliance demands and rewards our attention.

Undeveloped lazy storytelling w/ emphasis on political sloganeering

See it if you feel a couple of lively late 2nd act songs and a game cast outweigh a boring, undeveloped establishing script.

Don't see it if unless you must reward the inclusion of humorless political one liners (i.e., Hillary will give us single payer health care)

Tuck Everlasting
Midtown W
Dull, Disappointing, Lacking spark

See it if Wonderful, deeply moving celebration of the cycle of life ballet late in second act is a highlight of the B'way. season

Don't see it if You are unwilling to pay for and sit through a dull, unimaginative musical retelling of this story just to experience a truly shining moment

Upper W Side
Banal, Disappointing, Incompetent

See it if you are a completest and want to see all the plays of Brandon Jacobs-Jenkins, who has demonstrated considerable talent with other plays.

Don't see it if it is incompetent, preachy, self indulgent, & pretentious. Stayed to bitter end; many left at intermission. Question to LCT3 - Why?