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"'Almelem' features a small, but exceptional cast...The play is tautly directed by Jordana Williams...The best part of the show is ambiguity that runs through it. Is John the Baptist just a scam artist, or did he find his own personal salvation..The fact that I can still ponder these questions days after seeing the play, shows that Williams' well-crafted 'Almelem' has gotten under my skin...Entertaining, thought-provoking, and a delight to watch, 'Almelem' is not to be missed." Full Review

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"50 Shades! is a smart, raucous party musical, with a cast which proves that New York is home to insanely funny group of talented actors who are able to sing well. It shows its improv-comedy roots; it is smart, sharp, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and knows when to wrap it up. The show zips by, with all cylinders firing at every moment." Full Review

The Honeycomb Trilogy
West Village
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for a previous production "It's always nice to see sci-fi wrested from movies and TV and brought back to the stage. This is especially true when it is in the hands of talented artists like Mac Rogers and director Jordana Williams. By relying on the storytelling and the acting, they don't need to force in a lot of special effects, taking the risk that those effects won't work or will seem shoddy to the audience. When it comes to stoking the audience's imagination, less is often more. Rogers and Williams hit that balanc... Full Review

The Immortal Coil
Midtown W
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"Deftly and humorously written by J.B. Heaps, 'The Immortal Coil' shines a light on the theatre and the egos that inhabit, while also questioning the nature of art and life (and, I suppose, afterlife). Heaps' dialog is crisp, with an insider's view of some of the follies of theatrical endeavors...Heaps' play is a humorous rumination on life and theatre, with interesting characters, and well worth checking out." Full Review

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for a previous production "Rain Pryor has a fascinating story to tell...She is great with voices, giving each character a distinct and realistic personality and sound...I may not have known what to expect from "Fried Chicken and Latkes," but what I got was a very entertaining show, some terrific insight into Richard and Rain Pryor's lives, and a deep appreciation for just how talented Ms. Pryor is. I understand the show will be coming back in the fall, but as soon as it comes back, I suggest you get tickets." Full Review

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for a previous production "An intriguing play within a play within a play that incorporates Warren and Brown's story, then transcends it... Although much of the play is humorous, director Michael Michetti keeps the production charged with a certain amount of menace and eroticism...A fascinating play, excellent cast and superior production values." Full Review