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New York Theatre Review

“The script suffers slightly from too much telling and not enough showing...Tyler goes into detail about his transition from hard-working, underpaid Chinatown waiter to overpaid, morally slippery prostitute. But Tyler seems completely comfortable with his new existence...George is very likable and has a devastatingly flirtatious stare...Carey moves Tyler around the space nicely, pushing him into our personal spaces just slightly and creating a nice tension.” Full Review

New York Theatre Review

"At its best moments, 'Tania in the Getaway Van' achieves that highest attainment of art, which is to allow us to go inside an experience we may never have...Bernfield beautifully constructs the mother-daughter relationship, treating both characters with compassion and filling them with humanity...The conversation stalls in the political realm...There are funny moments, but it’s not gripping the way the start of the play is...Director Portia Krieger adds some nice touches." Full Review

Pop Punk High
Greenwich V
New York Theatre Review

for a previous production "The songs perfectly capture the feel of the mid-2000s...The show pulses with an energy that pulls you out of your seat. The acting and singing is uniformly superb, and the talent of the cast drives the story forward and keeps you engaged from start to finish...'Pop Punk High' is an homage to a specific moment in American music...As written it contains too many inside jokes. There are lots of one-liners that you’ll only understand if you closely followed pop punk music." Full Review

Symphonie Fantastique
New York Theatre Review

“The puppetry is a gorgeous visual representation of the Berlioz music that accompanies it...It’s delightful to see how Twist and his team choose to captures moments of whimsy, passion, and anger with their impressive array of puppets...Twist shows great respect for the intelligence of his audience: he doesn’t feel the need to lead them by the hand and drum his themes into them. He has good reason to be confident that his audience will gladly follow wherever he leads.” Full Review

Don't Feed the Indians
East Village
New York Theatre Review

"There are also some lovely traditional Native American songs, sung boldly and movingly by the entire cast, in honor of their fallen elder...I was ready for a production that excoriated and lamented, wailed and wallowed. But I wasn’t expecting a light-hearted comedy. Why wasn’t I? Getting people to ask those types of questions is one of the positive qualities of this play." Full Review