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Times Square Chronicles

“Thrilling…Suzanne DiDonna was vulnerably tough as Cunningham, the bodacious defense attorney who hammers the facts…Satan, played by Javier Molina, was seductively delicious as he smarmed his way through the courtroom with authentic street swagger…Kudos to the diverse casting and Ms. Parson’s direction—she encouraged a modern tone and freedom for her actors to fly...The three-hour running time felt more like an hour and a half." Full Review

No Man's Land
Midtown W
Times Square Chronicles

"Encouraging imagination and make believe, this show has a romper room-like atmosphere with homemade costumes and dollar-store props...This 90-minute play uses humor to touch on racially focused police brutality, however the late introduction of a female refugee’s plight in the play failed to have the deep meaning desired. In the end it was hard to decipher the story’s main thrust and the audience was left wondering what they were fighting for." Full Review

Among the Dead
Times Square Chronicles

"This script is skillfully brought to life in the hands of amazing director Ralph B. Pena, whose staging was masterful and tight. Pena inspired his actors to reach deep within to bring this reality to life. Brilliant comedic timing by Will Dagger (Bellyboy/Jesus) complemented Diana Oh’s soulful, standout performance as Number Four…The tight tech team exhibited their brilliance through expertly creative lighting and sound…A must-see world Premiere." Full Review

Times Square Chronicles

"This avant-garde show is fully immersive theatre, with six actors bringing nine vignettes of Lispector’s work to life in an artist’s loft...The standout of the night was the burlesque-esque dancer ​Carolina de Oliveira​ in a semi-sheer bodysuit and men’s black trench coat who tantalized the audience with passionate modern dance and a touchless tango with ​Ricardo Burgos​...Serving wine to guests would have enhanced the experience." Full Review

Times Square Chronicles

"Not only is Conti a brilliantly skilled ventriloquist and voice thrower, but she is able to improv and riff in different languages and dialects, creating vivid and varied characters...Conti has brilliantly imagined scenarios for herself and her monkey who is controlled by her...This mostly improvised show is true mastery and different every night...Conti is lovely and gracious enough to share the stage, creating a personal atmosphere that leaves the audience feeling like they are old friends." Full Review

Party People
East Village
Times Square Chronicles

"The inclusive casting of all ages and ethnicities unites to tell the story as an informative presentation of this sensitive material. With bilingual songs and dialogue, dancing and reciting spoken word, this cast is a dynamo...Liesl Tommy’s direction is exciting and adds an energy that is explosive...This show is passionate, tempestuous, turbulent and a must-see in this political climate." Full Review

Times Square Chronicles

"The play unfortunately doesn’t take off until two thirds of the way through when all four characters actually sit, make eye contact and are able to communicate realistically. Only then does the relentless spewing of dialogue settle into a natural rhythm allowing the actors to drop in some meaning for the audience to care...Director Lee Sunday Evans sharply serves the first half of the play." Full Review