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Mata Hari
The New York Times

"Their tone is bracingly unsentimental, as is clear from the first swear words uttered by the chain-smoking nun...Mr. Peers’s smart libretto adopts a process that peels away his title character’s contradictions, unreliable memories, half-lies and compromising admissions in a way that subtly notches up the pathos. To a certain degree, the score succeeds in reflecting those tensions. Mr. Marks’s most striking innovation is a bold mix of vocal styles." Full Review

The New York Times

“'Science Fair' is an entertaining, sometimes poetic and unapologetically didactic concoction made up of song, science lectures and demonstrations…A handsome production directed by Lisa Rothe, with the precise and lucid Erika Switzer at the piano…The accessible but never ingratiating music echoes the sense of wonder and wit that infuses Ms. Chinn’s performance, with spacious chords and swirling arpeggios underpinning her dark-hued mezzo." Full Review

The Mikado
Upper E Side
The New York Times

"A new production that makes a solid case that, in the midst of the wreckage of political incorrectness, the work is a comic gem worth salvaging...I found myself won over by the show’s handsome designs, sharp acting and (for the most part) impressive singing, and came to admire the adroitness with which the director, David Auxier, defused the work’s most damaging cultural land mines...What’s left is a tightly choreographed comedy of manners with coolly precise slapstick." Full Review