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Upper W Side

"Delivers lively, enveloping entertainment, great for a date night with its score showing Bernstein at his best in a circus-cum-vaudeville style production...The cast features operatic voices where needed and big Broadway personalities when not...It's like high-budget garage theater — this is a compliment — with actors donning a variety of wigs in plain sight in a broad acting style. Maybe too broad. The humanity of the characters is especially lost in the first half hour." Full Review

West Village
Philadelphia Inquirer

for a previous production "It's a cerebral 90 minutes that may have you checking your watch now and then but has provocative things to say, even in its fundamental ambiguity. 'Holden' walks a line between being a speculative dissection of the Salinger psyche and some Sartre-esque purgatory...The three spar like aging frat boys...Mostly, they keep this intriguingly amorphous conceit aloft, aided by a functional set and supportive direction. The ensemble is a good, appropriately seedy, highly physical bunch." Full Review

Upper W Side
Philadelphia Inquirer

"Beyond bringing this imaginary creature to life, the animation was mainly of use for secondary matters, almost like incidental music, bolstering transitional passages and scene-setting, although it was so imposing that everything else, including the score, was secondary. Members of the cast were perfectly coordinated but were too often reduced to narrative automatons serving the needs of Andrade's script, besides being perhaps straightjacketed by the production's intricate demands." Full Review

Amazing Grace
Midtown W
Philadelphia Inquirer

"'Amazing Grace' is so formulaic that you could write some of the scenes in your head before they unfold. But its conceptual backbone warrants appreciation...The score built around the title song is so functional you wonder if composer Smith was holding back...The panorama of characters is well paced and well constructed but generally so risk free that even when characters start sacrificing their futures for their ideals, the consequences are minimal. " Full Review